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Homestuck One Shots
Story published July 7, 2012 · updated August 23, 2012 · 9 pages · 535 readers · 1,309 reads
Form and a note
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Form and a note

These are my Homestuck One shots, seperated from the others
I figured to lessen confusion
But any way
I've also changed the form for this, to make it easier
People who've already submitted a form, I'm working on yours
Thy should be done relativley soon
So you don't have to re submit a request
I've also opened this up to be oneshots for all the quadrant
So, with out further adue
Here's the form:

Looks: (Either a link or description, be sure to include blood color if your a troll)
Background info: (Any extra information I would need to know about the character. Include their chumhandle/trollian tag and typing quirk. If your a human, include if they use proper syntax, punctuation, emotes, etc.)
Theme: (If you want it to be a Humanstuck, Highschoolstuck, or just regular)

There you have it
These should be updated more, since the requests for previous one shots are saved in notes on my iPod instead of on a word document on my laptop
And since I no longer have any access to my laptop, I'll embellish these chapters by adding colors and making the characters appearence the chapter picture when I get any chances