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Too Close (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)
Story published July 7, 2012 · updated September 16, 2012 · 40 pages · 7,752 readers · 81,361 reads
OMG Girlz???
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OMG Girlz???

* NO HATE TOWARD OMG GIRLZ THO....*  Class was over and all I was doing was staring at my notebook drawing this: I nearly pissed my pants when Prodigy leaned his head on my shoulder and said.  "Who are you in love with?" I immediately closed my notebook and twirled my hair.  "N-Nobody..." I said, my voice cracking a bit. he laughed.  "Hahaha! Your funny, R!" Prodigy laughed as I threw everything in my backpack. I swung it around my shoulder and my crew walked out with me. Dwayne stopped us.  "What is it?" I groaned. Ray Ray rolled his eyes, patting my back. Dwayne put his hands up in defense and chuckled.  "No harm done, okay? I just want to say bye to Vina..."  "What do you mean, bye?" Vina asked. He kissed her cheek and sighed.  "Lauren is taking me and the boys to the docks to hang..." Lauren is this blonde that everyone loves...except me and my group.  "What are you doing hanging out with Lauren?!" Vina shot back. He shrugged.  "Nothing! We're just ditching! Nothing else!" Dwayne said. Vina faked a smiled.  "Okay...Be back soon!" She said softly. He saluted to her and Lauren walked by Dwayne and smirked at Vina.  "I SHALL KILL HER!!!" Vina said evily. Prodigy looked at her.  "I thought you said you and Dwayne were having problems, anyway!" Prodigy said. I could see how much of an idiot she felt like... Lauren: Dwayne: I could see the hate in Vina's eyes as she stormed down the hall to gym. The boys went a separate direction to Biology.  I walked over to Vina.  "Vina, stop!" I said. Patrice gave Vina a hug.  "Don't worry, they aren't gunna do anything! I heard Lauren and Dwayne have been friends since preschool! They are like brother and sister!" Patrice exclaimed. Vina sighed and leaned against the wall.  "I guess it's alright...besides, I still got Prodigy!" She joked. We laughed and made our way to class.    AFTER SCHOOL....  We all met outside and started walking toward Patrice's house. We always went there after school. We approached her door and she jingled with her house keys. We waited impatiently at the front door until she finally opened it.  "Home sweet home!" Roc Royal joked. You're probably wondering where Gennis is. He walks home everyday. Without us. We hopped on the couch and turned on Spongebob Squarepants. I looked over at Roc Royal a few times and we shared glances at least 10 times.  "uhh...what the hell are ya'll doing?" Natasha asked. I blushed madly. And Roc Royal smirked, looking at the TV.  Vina and Patrice nudged me at the same time. I sighed smiling and everyone (except the boys) laughed. The boys lifted there brows and nodded their heads.  I smiled as Princeton's phone started ringing. He looked at it and smiled.  "It's our OMG Girlz!" Princeton said. All the boys crowded around Princeton. Roc Royal smiled.  "Zonnique, my girl!!!" Roc said. For some reason, I HATED the OMG Girlz! Just for that very reason! Princeton answered the phone.  "Well, if it isn't my beautiful  Bahja! How you been girl?!" Princeton asked. He put the phone on speaker and Patrice gritted her teeth.  "Oh hi, guys! We have GREAT news!" Bahja said. Zonnique was over the phone.  "Omg, You guys are going on a 6 month tour!" She said. Reginae giggled.  "Hi Ray Ray!!!" She squealed.  "hello, the one and only, glorious, Reginae!" Ray Ray said. Natasha growled and Patrice nudged us.  "Let's talk in my room!" She said. We nodded walking upstairs. Right when we walked in her room I screamed.  "WHY DO THEY THINK THEY COULD STEAL OUR HUSBANDS!" I growled. Vina shrugged.  "Come on, maybe they are just friends?" Vina said. I shot her a glare.  "Easy for you to say! Those hoes weren't flirting with the guy you like! Now tell me, is Lauren 'JUST' A friend?" I asked. Vina looked at the ground.  "Leave her alone, Raqual...She's right! They are just friends! Nothing more! Besides, they said that we were their fav girls...after all we are their best friends!" Patrice said. I looked at Vina and gave her a hug.  "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said that..." I muttered. Vina smiled.  "It's ight..." She said we all sat in silence, until the boys burst in the room.  "Well girls...good news!" Ray Ray sighed.  "What?" Natasha asked. Prodigy smiled.  "We're going on tour! Around the world!!!" Prodigy said. Our mouths flung open.  "We're leaving in 2 days!" Princeton said. My heart sank. What the hell?!?!?!