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Constancio Summer
Story published July 10, 2012 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 244 pages · 7,197 readers · 94,187 reads
Chapter 35: Album!
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Chapter 35: Album!

            It’s been a week since that whole rumor spread about Jackson, and seriously people need to get out of my business. Like, for tots man. Right now it’s a Sunday, and I am super bummed. Usually I spend my Sundays catching up with family and watching football, but today I have to finish up the vocals for the album. I guess I’m not that bummed because I am really excited for people to hear our music.
            Ugh! Another thing that is stressing me out, on top of the rumors, is the fact that I haven’t talked to Alex since that Skype call. No nothing! I guess he is busy shooting the “Say Something” music video in Florida with Austin? I don’t know, some fan tweeted it to me. It’s crazy! The fans know where my boyfriend is, and I don’t!
            “April? Did you even hear me?” Emily said from my side interrupting my thoughts.
            “”Um, duh!” I said rolling my eyes. In all reality I was too busy thinking to myself. I have no clue what they were talking about.
            “And what did we say?” Tay asked pulling into the studio.
            “That I am the greatest person ever, and you guys are jelly of how great I am.”
            They both laughed and got out of the car. “Yeah, not exactly. We were talking about how after we finish up here, we can go to the mall and do a little shopping?” Tay said.
            “No really?” I asked sarcastically. “Shopping at the mall! Who would’ve thought?”
            Tay hit me upside the head as we headed into the building. We went to the front desk to be greeted with a lady wearing thick glasses. “Hello, welcome to Capitol Records girls. Your recording session today will be on floor 3 room A67,” she said smiling at us.
            We walked toward the elevators. “Holy shmolly! Someone actually recognized us!” Emily exclaimed once we got into the fancy elevator with walls made of mirrors.
            I smiled to myself because these are the rare moments where you realize that you actually mean something to people. When the elevator reached our floor, we got off and headed into the studio. It was a giant room filled with a long table of sound boards, a room that is completely sound proof where we sing and record instruments, and a lounge area complete with couches and water bottles.
            “Hello girls!” Rye, our producer greeted us. “So we just need to do a little ‘oohs and ahhs’ today and a couple overlapping harmonies on one of your songs today. Then you guys are done with the whole CD! We will piece it all together before sending it in to get approved and mastered, and from there we will be selling all over America, and hopefully globally.”
            I looked at Tay with a shocked expression. Her face was an exact replica of mine. This was like a dream come true! Emily spoke the first word, breaking the silence. “Holy crap that’s awesome!”
            We all chuckled and started getting situated throughout the room. I was going up first, so I quickly took a sip of water and did a couple vocal exercises. Once I finished, I stepped into the sound booth and shut the door behind me. I walked over in front of the mic, and adjusted it to be set right in front of my mouth. Once I put the head phones on, I could hear Rye from the other side of the glass.
            “Are we ready, April?” he asked me. I nodded my head. “Okay, good. So right now we are doing the harmonies for “Burn” and then it’s Taylor’s turn.”
            “That’s it?” I asked. “You’re not going to out do us today, Rye?”
            He laughed. “Nope. That’s it. You guys have done so much so far.” With that, he counted me in and started the music. I waited for the part I needed to come in at and then started to sing. I closed my eyes and got lost into another world. It happens when you connect with music, and it feels great.
            We went over it a couple more times and recorded a lot more takes, so that when they go to piece it together later, they will have many takes to choose from. When I finished, Tay stepped in and adjusted the mic and headphones. Emily came today for support. She already finished her bass line last week.
            I plopped onto the couch next to Emily and took a pic of Tay and put it on Instagram. I refreshed the feed and immediately I had over 40 likes. I remember the days when it took me a day or two to even make it to 10 likes.  Days before everything that happened.
            Soon we finished up, and we thanked Rye for all of the hard work he put into this album. We finished! Woo hoo! There is going to be a party in like three weeks to preview it, so we are excited for that too.
            As we headed towards the Topanga mall, we jammed out in the car to the radio. We were being such dorks that the people who pulled up next to our car at the stop light looked at us like we were crazy before they realized who we were. By the time we pulled into the paring lot we were practically peeing ourselves laughing.
            We walked into the mall, the air conditioning hitting us right in the face. It was such lovely weather outside! It put me in a happy mood. We made our way into store after store looking for clothing to warm us during the cold winter season that is coming up. I found a cute Bandy Melville sweater that looked like the British flag, because you know, gotta support them Brits!
            When we walked out of the store, however, people started recognizing us. At first it was okay because it was only occasionally that we were stopped for a picture, but I guess the word had spread over the media pretty quickly because we almost had a crowd of people following us.
            We turned the corner to come face to face with Jackson and a couple of his friends. It was so embarrassing because I totally slammed into him, and he had to catch me. So many people following us took a picture, and I was quick to regain myself and try and walk away with Tay and Emily. It was a little too late though because he wouldn’t get out of my way. He moved with me with a smirk on his face.
            “Hey Jackson,” Emily said with a fake smile, “do you want to get out of our way please?” You could so tell that she was trying to keep her cool and not lash out at him.
            “No thanks,” he smirked. “I think I want to hang out with you guys.”
            I rolled my eyes and Tay spoke up. “Well I’m sorry, but we have things to do that don’t involve you.” A group of people started to form around us knowing who we were from all the media that was put out about us only a week or two ago.
            “That’s cool; well I’ll just tag along. Why can’t I just hang out with my friends?” He asked. Oh my Jesus he was annoying the hell out of me, and I finally snapped.
            “Look, Jackson, we aren’t your friends. The only reason why you started talking to me again after cheating on me was because for once, the spot light wasn’t on you. So you can just leave me alone now.” I stated. The crowd around us let out a few ‘ooohs’.
            After we shoved our way past him, we decided it was time to go home before things got out of hand, so we left. I thought I handed the situation fairly well because I didn’t hit him, but hey that’s just me speaking.
            When we got home, we immediately put our clothes away and got on our lap tops. “Hey, April,” Emily said cautiously.
            “What’s up duck?” I replied sitting next to her.
            “So I know you handled that situation at the mall very well, but media has a way of distorting it,” she said.
            A look of confusion registered across my face. “What does that mean?” I grabbed her lap top and read what she was reading.
            “April from April and Taylor was spotted meeting with ex boyfriend again at the mall?!” I screeched reading the article aloud. “Sources say that this time it wasn’t a friendly meeting. The so called ‘sweetheart’ was lashing out and using insulting word to him in public! How could someone we thought was so sweet become so rude?” No! This isn’t true at all! How could this have happened?! I wonder what Alex must thing of this all. I pushed the laptop aside and buried my face in my hands trying to figure out what I was going to do.

Ok guys sorry for the weak couple of chapters but, but I prominse you it's going to get a whole lot better, just bear with me! Ok so i need at least 175 hearts for a new chapter and i want you guys to comment me and tell me your fave part in the story:) Thanks fo rreading! I love you guys

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