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One Direction Imagines ~Part 2~
Story published July 12, 2012 · updated August 2, 2013 · 4 pages · 44,101 readers · 106,056 reads
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If you didn't read the imagines in Part 1, you should read them now!

Alsoooo, you should follow my sister + read her stories! 

Thank you guys so much for your continued hearting and commenting. It means a lot.

As a result...

I'm going to be doing something called "requested 1D imagines."
Just leave a comment including:

1) Your name
2) The boy you want
3) One or two interests of yours
4) Your hair and eye color
5) Your personality (using only a few adjectives please)
6) One thing you want included in your imagine
7) Past or present tense?

ex of present: Harry finally decides and he takes you out for dinner.
(as if It's happening now)

ex of past: Harry finally decided and he took you out for dinner.
(as if I'm telling the story back to you)


I'll come up with one and use your name in it. It will be entirely for you
It makes it feel a bit more realistic, special, & personal with your names in it.
Dontcha' think?

~ You can have only one imagine per month with your name in it.
~ You can request an imagine for 1 friend max per month.

Thanks again, beauties.

You may move on to the imagines now....hehehe...
Let me know which boy I should write about next!