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One Direction Imagines :)
Story published July 13, 2012 · updated March 30, 2013 · 14 pages · 9,519 readers · 36,669 reads
Niall Horan
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Niall Horan

“I’M DONE!” You yell at Niall as you walk at the house, slamming the door behind you. You start walking down the path staring down at your blue vans. The same colour as Niall’s eyes. A single tear falls down your cheek. Then another, and another until your eyes are filling with tears. You look up at the sky, the clouds grey. A raindrop lands on your forehead. Your wipe it off with the sleeve of your jumper. Well Niall’s Jack Wills jumper. You shake your head, trying to get the image of Niall’s tear stained face out of your head.


You were so sick of the hate you were getting from the fans so you made the hard decision of breaking up with him. Just like fans said you should. You know you should never listen to them, but their words were getting to you. “Stop thinking about it Naoi.” You say to yourself. The rain starts getting heavier and you pick up your pace. You turn around and look at Niall’s house. You see him walk out and look at you. You quickly turn away and start walking faster. You hear heavy footsteps on the ground and soon Niall is grabbing your arm telling you to wait. "y/n, please I need you.” He says. He has little drops on his eye lashes making them shimmer in the light. “Niall, I can’t.” you say. He looks at you with those beautiful blue eyes. He shakes his head and water splashes on you. He’s so perfect, you think to yourself. “Just tell me why.” He says. You shake your head and pull away from Niall and start walking again. You stare in front of you and soon you’re on your bum. You have tripped over a piece of path that is sticking up. “Ow.” You say while rubbing your arm. Niall walks over. “You all right?” he asks. He leans out a hand and helps you up. “Uh thanks.” You say. You look up at the sky, trying to avoid Niall’s eyes. Next second it’s pouring down. Not long you and Niall are both soaked. You look at your hand and realize it is still in Niall’s. You look at Niall’s hand intertwined with yours. You feel a hand grab under your chin. Niall lifts your head up and looks you in the eyes. “Tell me why?” he asks again. “The fans. The hate. They said I should break up with you. That I'm not good enough for you.” You say. Niall shakes his heads. “Babe, don’t listen to them. You. Are. Perfect.” He says pausing each time when he says you are perfect. You smile. “Really.” You ask. “Yes, you’re perfect.” He says. You laugh. He leans in and kisses you, you kiss him back. A perfect kiss in the rain. “You know what would be better if you dressed up in a spiderman costume and hung upside down.” You say in between the kiss. He just laughs and continues kissing you.