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Greeks and Romans -> Percy Jackson story
Story published July 13, 2012 · updated November 2, 2013 · 45 pages · 930 readers · 9,656 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

Vira's POV

I heard a sound. A lullaby sang by a voice of a woman. And felt wind in my face. I was dreaming something good, my body doesn't want to move. But my mind was awake. I want to wake up. 

The woman singing lulled me to sleep, but I can hear the message of the song clearly. It was sang in the language of Ancient Greek, but I understand it perfectly. She wants me to wake up.

It me several minutes to wake my body. Finally, I opened my eyes slowly. My vision was blurred, but after a few seconds it became all clear.

A woman sitting beside my bed, fanning my face. She smiled and said "Did you have good dreams?"

My head hurt but I managed to sit "Uh, yes. umm, may I know who you are?" I said slowly. I felt weak. I hate feeling like that.

She seemed to know my thoughts. She said "You don't look good. Is your sleep not enough? Here have some nectar."

She handed me a glass filled with caramel colored, sparkling drink. I sipped it slowly.

She said with a smile "You asked who am I. I am Hera, queen of Olympus."

I almost spit the nectar I was drinking.

She laughed gently at my reaction. 

"Sorry Queen Hera. I never expected that you will come and talk to me personally."

She laughed again "I cared for you everyday you were asleep. " She snapped her fingers and a hairbrush brushed my hair on its own. 

"Thank you." I said gratefully.

"No problem dear. After a year of sleep   "

"A year? I only slept for a year? No way I haven't   " I interrupted her.

It was her turn to cut me "Slept for less than a hundred years? You slept less than ten hours at camp."

"Camp! What happened to them?" I suddenly burst out.

"I made a gamble. A dangerous gamble. Now the greeks are on their way to the roman camp."

My eyes widened "A roman camp?"

"Yes." She looked at me straightly. "Now, my husband cut off our connections to the demigods below. No one can enter or leave Olympus. The reason why woke you up, is that you are the key. You have a chance to go out of here. But of course, you will talk to Zeus. You must convince him."

"But... why?"

Hera explained to me about what happened. She told me things about Jason, Piper, Leo, Percy, Hazel, Frank and her least favorite person in the whole wide world, Annabeth. She said what happened while I was alseep (happenings in The Lost Hero and The Son Of Neptune). 

I raised my eyebrow. "So... While they are fighting monsters and enemies, you just sit there and watch it with popcorn? What are they, characters in a movie?"

"No! I sit here and watch because my husband gave strict orders that no one should go out of Olympus."

"Hmph! You could always talk to him! He's your husband!" 

"I could do that! But he is the king god!" She reasoned.

"You are a goddess!" I argued.

"I cannot match him." She said tightly.

I crossed my arms and murmured "Now I know why Annabeth hates you."

"She is ungrateful! Bad girl!"

"She saved Olympus together with the others." I said with my chin up high.

She waved her hand, which I think means 'fine.' "Now you should talk to my husband. You will meet another god on your way there. And I must say, mind your manners."

And she walked out of the room.

I rolled my eyes and mimicked her voice "Mind your manners. Hmph!"

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