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Don't Yell In French! I Don't Understand! (Fred Weas
Story published July 14, 2012 · updated 2 months ago · completed · 78 pages · 2,178 readers · 31,051 reads
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After dinner an older woman stopped the twins and I before we left.
"Hello Ms. Ames. I'm Professor McGonagall. You'll be staying in Gryffindor with Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley. I'm sure these two can show you where Gryffindor Tower is" she said. I nodded and she left. I almost forgot I was supposed to find out where I was staying. The twins were just so fun.
"Right this way Ma Lady" Fred said acting like a noble knight or something. I followed him through the halls that were just as amazing as the entrance hall. I had never seen so many stairs in my life. And then we got to a place with hundreds of stair cases and thousands of portraits. The thing that amazed me the most was the stair cases moved. Fred and George stepped on one and I followed them. Half way up we stopped and it moved over to another landing. We got off and walked up some more stairs that didn't move. After two more stair cases we stopped in front of a portrait of a fat lady.
"Elle, meet Fat Lady. The keeper of Gryffindor Tower. You have to give the password to get in" George said.
"Flobberworms" Fred said. The portrait swung open and we stepped into the most amazing common room ever. It was red with gold trimmings. There was a fire place with two chairs and a couch surrounding it. A small table for three people in the corner. A couple other tables around the room, a pictures everywhere. There were two sets of stairs directly in front of us too.
"The one on the right is where you'll go to get to your room. The one on the left is the one for the boys dorms" Fred explained.
"Ok" I said still looking around in wonder.
"Welcome to Gryffindor Tower" George said. I smiled.
After hanging out with them in the common room for a while, I went upstairs. Fred and George said Hermione and Ginny's room was the first door on the left. I walked all the way up the stairs and looked to my left. There was a room with the door open. I looked in and from what I could see, there was three beds, two were already set up and the third had my things on it. There was at least one wardrobe. And two girls were sitting on the two bed being used. One had curly brown hair and from Fred and George's description, that was Hermione. One the other bed was a ginger, unmistakably Fred and George's little sister, Ginny. I decided to play a little trick on them. It wasn't that they looked gullible or anything. Just that I heard one of them say they thought Beauxbatons girls were a bit bratty. I walked in and smiled.
"Hello. I'm Michelle" I said in my best French accent. Just because I speak French does not mean I'm the greatest at the accent, just so you know.
"Hi. I'm Hermione. And thats Ginny" Hermione said.
"Nice to meet you. I heard you talking abot Beauxbatons girls being, uh, bratty. And I sought you should know zat we aren't. We're very, uh,  ladylike" I said. Wow, this had to be the best French accent I've ever done. Hermione took a breath, obviously embarrassed I heard her say that.
"I'm sorry. I, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings" she said.
"You should know zat we don't like to be judged" I said. Hermione and Ginny looked at each other, and the look they gave each other was an Oh-crap-we-just-offended-our-guest-and-we-have-to-live-with-her-for-the-rest-of-the-year look. Then I started laughing. They looked at me surprised.
"I'm just kidding. Some of us are bratty, but we left them at home" I smiled. They sighed and smiled again.
"So, Michelle, you're actually English?" Hermione asked.
"Yeah. English is my first language. And call me Elle. It's not that I hate my first name or anything, I just like Elle better" I replied.
"Ok. Good to know we've got a cool roommate" Ginny said.
"Good to know I've got awesome roommates too. I met Fred and George. They're really cool. A lot like me" I said.
"Have you met anyone else?" Hermione asked.
"Not yet. I've just kind of been hanging out with the twins" I replied.
"Tomorrow before they pick who's going to be in the Tournament, we'll introduce you to people" Ginny said.
"Sounds good to  me" I said.
"So, why are you here? I mean, is a sibling entering the tournament or something?" Hermione asked.
"No, I am" I replied.
"So you're a 7th year?" Ginny asked. 7th year..... Oh yeah! That was the same as a 10th year. Their last year at Hogwarts. So if I'm a 9th year at Beauxbatons, I would be a 6th year at Hogwarts. The same as the twins.
"No, I'm a 6th year. But I turned 17 a month ago" I replied.
"Oh" they said.
"I'm going to bed" I said.
"Night" they replied.

Thanks for reading! I hoped you liked whatever popped into my head!