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I loved you all along (Damon slash Stefan)
Story published July 16, 2012 · 5 pages · 830 readers · 2,560 reads
Stefan's Dream Ang
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Stefan's Dream Angle

 Stefan was fast asleep by his brother. He was dreaming of the number one thing he always loves to dream about. His vampire angle. HIS Damon.


Stefan is sitting in the living room with the blinds open. He is watching his brother try to fix the sprikler. Damon has been trying to fix it for awhile now. But it just wont work. Damon turned the water on working on the sprikler. Next thing you know it turns on and soaks Damon. Stefan began to laugh at his brother. As he gets up and he hands him a towel. "I'm guessing i'm not the only one who can get you wet anymore." Stefan jokes. Damon gasps jokingly. "Oh baby. Trust me you are the only one who can make me wet." Damon said while he wraps his arms around Stefan. Stefan smirked and kissed his older brothers lips with passion. "Good. I want to be the only one. Who gets you wet." Stefan said. "I love you Stefie." "I love you too me Angle." They began to kiss and make out. Just holding each other. Showing as much love as they can.



The alarm clock starts to go off. Waking Stefan up from his dream. He sighs and looks at his brother. Who is still sleeping. He thinks to himself. 'If only you knew. If only you knew.' He thought before he got ready for work.