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Creepypasta Stories, Sure to scare the pants off of you.
Story published July 17, 2012 · updated July 23, 2012 · 21 pages · 58,329 readers · 149,140 reads
Masky's Story
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Masky's Story

Hacker, Nerd, Geek-- I am labeled with so many things, you could call me a post-it note.
My name is Kris, and I live in California, in the middle of nowhere.
I am currently 22 years old. And my favorite class is Technology, or really anything having to do with numbers...
So you should know, I love using binary to stump my friend, Alissah. It's just really funny to see her try and figure it out.
It's around 1:30 in the morning, and I am watching scary videos on youtube. I came up on a channel called ToTheArk... um, weird name? But, I clicked on a video called, Extraction, and there was a figure, with a white mask on that had black lips, black eyebrows and black eye sockets... I was so scared, and the message in the video made no sense.
So I scrolled to the similar videos, and there was one with the channel name, MarbleHornets. I clicked on the video, and it was called Entry #18 I think....
The same figure was there. with...a buddy??? This made no sense. 
I had to go to bed. I was so tired, it wasn't even funny.
I felt the presence of...something, I just don't know what.
When I woke up the next morning, There were drawings all over the wall, and a doll that looked similar to a very tall, Pale as snow man. I was  a little scared. And then.. I also found a tape, that was meant to be watched, as it stated on the back, saying:
Watch Me.
So I went to the store, and bought a tape recorder and hooked it up to my television.
The tape was a video of Alissah, exploring what looked like the woods around my house... She turned the camera to herself, and said into the camera,
"Oh my gosh, I am so frikkin scared right now, it's the mas--" the camera glitched, so I couldn't her what she'd said.
She continued, with a visual interruption.
"He's coming after me, they're foll--" Interrupted again.
I heard her stop walking, and her eyes widened.
"Found you."
The camera was dropped, and Alissah was screaming, "GET AWAY! GET AWAY!! NO! HEL--" She was cut off, by a sharp cracking.
A good fifteen minutes passed, and I was surprised the tape lasted that long.
Suddenly, there was a high pitched screeching sound, and I covered my ears in agony. It was the camera glitching again. Man, this camera is horrible. I thought. I saw that the camera has been picked up, and it was turned to Alissah, her neck snapped and blood seeping from it. Then it snapped to the same masked figure I saw in the video last night.
It looked as if it had a seizure, and then the door to my house busted open, or so it seemed.
My heart was beating a mile a second, and I grabbed the magnum I had under my desk, in a duct tape pocket. And I yelled, "Who's there?!" In a loud voice.
The lights shut off, creeping me out slightly.
I felt hands grab me from behind, and I shot, hitting a foot, that was not my own. I heard a scream, and I hit the guy with the butt of the magnum, and he recoiled, but then tackled me. I got punched in the face, and I yelled, as the man grabbed the gun out of my hand, throwing it across the room. He put his hands to my throat, pushing on my windpipe.
I gasped for air, and slapped his wrists. I passed out, last thing I saw was him taking off his jacket, and kicking me in the gut. 


"This character matches up with this letter," Kris said, pointing and looked up to the masked figure. He nodded, and patted her on the back. He turned, and looked at the time.
He sighed, and looked back at her, jerking his head toward the door. Kris nodded, and quickly put on a brownish hoodie, and put the black cloth over her face. It was designed with two red spots for eyes, and a red line for a frown. "Oh yeah, Sorry for your foot, Tim." Kris said, sniggering and turning to the door.
The masked figure-- Tim, blushed behind his mask and turned her to him, putting his forehead to hers. Then she giggled and walked out the door.
Tim was smiling.
Hey, Operator, try not to eat her, okay?
There was a faint laughter in the distance, and he shut the door, following Kris, quiet as a mouse that was sleeping.