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Creepypasta Stories, Sure to scare the pants off of you.
Story published July 17, 2012 · updated July 23, 2012 · 21 pages · 58,132 readers · 148,437 reads
Jack really /is/ e
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Jack really /is/ eyeless.

Evening, My name is Alexandria, but my friends call me Alex. I live in London. I am 16 years young and I love horror films, preferably Stephen King.
Some weird things have been happening lately at my house at night. And it's really frightening. I have heard bumps and shuffles coming from the spare bedroom My mum and dad have. My mum is away, as usual, to her job. And dad is in the basement working on.. whatever he works on down there.
I was watching Saw IV and everything I saw was... shown in a way that Saw portrays; Gruesome, Bloody, and mind boggling. I heard a loud bang come from down in the basement, so I grabbed a baseball bat, and walked quietly, knowing every step's noise.
"Dad?" I whispered. "Dad?" I said, a little louder. "Dah--" I was interrupted by a guttural roaring beside me. I screamed and hit whatever it was in the ribs with my weapon. "OW!!!" it bellowed. "Alex," It was hard to see in the darkness, but I looked, and there  was my father, wearing a weird protective suit that made him look like an alien.
        "Ugh! Dad! You scared me!!!" I yelled, slapping him on the arm. He sniggered and grabbed my wrists, making me drop the bat. "Agh!!" I struggled, flapping my arms and making a face. Only to get a loud, bellied laugh from my charming father. 
        I eventually gave up and collapsed in a heap on the floor, laughing. He held out his hand, and I looked at him, smirking. "That suit," I said, taking his hand and grunting. "Makes you look like an alien." I finished, sighing and straightening my multicoloured shirt. "Well, at least it protects me, right?" He said, taking it off. He grunted and almost fell over. 
        I ran over to him, and held him up. "Dad? Are you okay?" I asked, frantic. He breathed out a laugh and said, "Yah, honey. That hit you landed on my ribs feels like a thorn in my side, literally." He sniggered, making it seem funny. "Oh my gosh, Dad! I am so sorry!" I cried, helping him up the steps. "No, love. It's fine," He looked at me and I stared at him, open mouthed. "Really." He promised, and stood up, wincing a little. "See?" He  said, looking like a Ringleader.
       I smiled, then walked into the kitchen and froze. There was someone standing at the glass door. Dad walked behind me, and the someone disappeared from view. "What is it, Alex?" He said, walking to the refrigerator, for something to cook lunch with. I shook my head, and thought it was my mind getting to me.  "N....Nothing, dad." I stuttered, and hugged him.
        Then I walked to the fridge and grabbed a Mountain Dew.  Man, those things helped a lot. Later that night, literally at about 3:30 My mum came back, and she was.... flighty; once again, as usual. "HEYYY!!! I'M HO~OME! NOW WHERE'S MY--" I interrupted her slurred words by cupping my hands over her mouth and leading her to the kitchen, setting her in front of Red mashed potatoes, green beans, and grilled chicken marinated in lovely Italian dressing. I almost chomped some of it down.  "Mmmm! This looks awesome, Babe!" She told me, eyes puffy and red. 
        I pitied her sometimes, what she does, Where she works and how long she has to work. I hugged her and said, "Try to get some sleep, Mama. I love you, good night." She hugged me back, and kissed me on the forehead, saying, "I love you too, sweetheart. And I miss you and your father all the time. Good night, Alex." I smiled, and stayed there for a minute until walking to my room.
                  I stopped, before entering my room and looked to the spare bedroom. There was a silhouette, in the window. I quickly shut the door, and ran to my bed, covering up fearfully.
        The next morning when I woke up, there was an immense feeling of pain on my left ribcage. And it hurt to walk. I went to the bathroom... painfully, and lifted up my camisole, to reveal a large, stitched up scar where my kidney is supposed to be. I screamed, and my dad came running in, hugging me and saying, "What is it? What's wrong? Are you okay, Alex?! Speak!"  I blacked out, in my dad's arms. 

        Lucas' P.O.V. *Alex's dad*
         "SOMEONE, GET OVER HERE, NOW!" I screamed, entering the emergency room, Holding a limp Alex in my arms,  frantic for my daughter's life. What could've made her scream so loudly, that I heard in the basement?! Apparently something was very, very wrong. A doctor showed up and put her on a gurney, as nurses attempted to hold me back. but failed. I was not going anywhere without Alex. 
        As we entered the Surgical room, The doctor asked what was wrong and after I told them, He told me to get out, so that the CNA could check everything. I hesitated but nodded, and when I was out, I called Stephanie, Alex's mum, and told her to get over to the hospital now. 
        I waited for about ten minutes and The CNA came out and told me and Stephanie we could come inside. I pushed her out of the way and practically dragged my wife in with me. "Is Alex okay?" I immediately said, in the Doctor's face. He looked a me, devoid of all human emotion, and pushed me away with his gloved finger. "Alex, is fine. But--" My eyes widened. "She's missing a kidney..." He finished. "WHAT?!!!!" I yelled, running over to Alex. I saw her, and whispered, "Alex, sweetie, are you okay?" 
        She looked at me and smirked. "Hey, daddy." She said.  I hugged her, and she said, "Looks like I'm an organ donor now, huh?" She breathed out a laugh, and I laughed from relief. "I'm so glad you're okay, Alex." I looked at her again, and she smiled, gasping. "Hey! This is karma!" We both smiled and burst out laughing. This is my daughter, just like me. Makes a joke out of everything. I kissed her on the forehead and we checked out of the hospital, driving home. 
        As we were driving, it was getting dark, and I looked into the woods, seeing a figure of a lanky person, with a white mask and eyes bleeding black. I quickly looked ahead, and shook it off. Just a trick of the light, Lucas. It was nothing! I thought, wanting to be home and in my bed.
        It was late, about 2:15 in the morning... And I felt...a presence in the room with me. I opened my eyes to look at the alarm clock by my bed, and it was blurry, but enough to where I could see. I lay back down and looked at the ceiling. I sighed and rubbed my eyes. 
        When I looked again, there was a silhouette, at the end of my bed. I grabbed my glasses off of the nightstand and looked again. It was gone. What I saw had frightened me, thoroughly. It was blurred, but it was the face I saw in the woods yesterday, when I was driving. Sure as sure. I shook it off, yet again and closed my eyes.
        When I woke up I had a shooting pain in my left ribcage... And when I looked in the mirror, I had a stitched up scar that was very big, running where my left kidney is supposed to be.