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Razors and Drum Sticks. (Christian Coma Love Story) [Finishe
Story published July 17, 2012 · updated October 28, 2012 · completed · 40 pages · 5,951 readers · 26,214 reads
Chapter One(:
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Chapter One(:

-Autumn's P.O.V.- 
I was walking through an alley, a short cut from school to home. I was walking, until I heard footsteps behind me. My pace quickened, making my footsteps louder. 

"Hey!" A man's voice said. 

"Go away!" I screamed and started running. 

"Wait!" Another man's voice yelled.

I felt someone grabbed me by my waist and soon, I was lifted off the ground. 

"Let me go!" I yelled as I tried to kick the person holding me.

"Why are you walking in an alley this late?" Another man said. 

"It's a short cute from my school to my house, now let me go!" I said, still kicking. 

"Let us walk you, at least. Please." The man holding me said. 

"Who are you guys anyways?" I said, trying to make out their faces. 

There were about five guys. 

"I'm Christian." The man holding me said. 

'Ashley." Another said. 



"And Jake!" The last one said, smiling. 

"I'm Autumn. And you guys look really familiar. Are you guys in that one band?" I said, as we walked under a street light. 

"Yeah, we're Black Veil Brides." Jinxx proudly said. 

"Oh yeah! I went to one of your concerts in Europe. It was amazing." I said, as I remember the day. 

"Really? No wonder you look so familiar. C.C. couldn't keep his eyes off you." Ashley said, nudging Christian. 

C.C. blushed and looked away, causing me to also blush. 

"So which one is your house?" C.C. said, trying to change the subject. 

"The one with the blue mustang and black Acura." I said, pointing towards the house. 

"Nice cars. Why are you walking?" Andy said. 

"They aren't mine. It's my brothers and his best friend's." I said. 

"You have a brother?" Jake said. 

"Yeah, he's a year older than me, and he likes to rub it in." I said. 

"AUTUMN!!!!" Dan said, running down the drive way. 

"Speak of the devil." I sighed and walked toward him. 

The guys chuckled and walked with me. 

"Autumn, want to introduce your awesome older brother to your friends?" Dan said, winking. 

"Dan, meet C.C., Andy, Jake, Ashley, and Jinxx. I am not going to repeat all of your names do guys, meet Dan." I said, pointing everyone out. 

"Nice to meet you all. You all want to come in the house? It's getting quite chilly don't you think?" Dan said, putting his hands in his pockets. 

"Yeah, thanks." Jinxx said. 

We all began walking towards the house, when I noticed C.C. was trailing behind. I waited for him to catch up a little as everyone went ahead. 

"Hey, you okay?" I said, walking side by side with Christian. 

"Hm? Yeah, I'm alright." Christian said, smiling. 

"So, what brings you here?" I said, gesturing towards the alley. 

"Well, we were sorta running away from a crowd of a fan girls and lost them at the turn. Then we saw you walking into the alley alone. I suggested we walk you just in case anything happens to you. You know L.A." Christian said, scratching the back of his head. 

"Thanks for that by the way. Well, I've only been in L.A. for about a month, so I don't know much." I said. 

"Really now?" Christian said. 

"Yes really." I said, mimicking his voice, 

"How about me and you hang out around town tomorrow?" Christian said, smiling. 

"That sounds awesome. I would love to." I said, returning a smile.

"It's a date!" Ashley yelled.

"Shut up!" Christian yelled back.

"You know, I don't mind calling it a date." I said, glad that it was dark out. 

I was blushing like a mad woman! 

"Then it's a date!" christian grinned, causing me to laugh. 

-C.C.'s P.O.V.- 
Autumn's laugh was beautiful. To be honest, the night she came to the concert, she never left my mind, And that was what? 5, 6 months ago? I can't believe I found her. And how she's so close. 

"So you're from England?" I said, noticing her accent. 

'Yes, from Manchester." Autumn said. 

"That explains your beautiful accent." I said. 

Autumn giggled, causing me to chuckle as well. We both walked into the house, where everyone else was.

"I'm going to freshen up. Tell my brother that I'll be down in a few, please?" Autumn said, climbing the stairs.

"Sure." I said, as I rejoined with the guys.

"Hey, I'm Phil. Nice to meet you/" A guy said, offering a handshake.

"I'm Christian, also known as C.C." I said, shaking his hand.

"Thank you guys for walking my sister home. I asked her if she wanted a ride, but she declined." Dan shrugged.

"Yeah, no problem." Jake said,

"Would you guys like to stay for dinner?" Phil asked.

"Sure, well, if it isn't a bother," Ashley said.

"It won't be a bother. You guys did walk my sister home. It's the least we can do." Dan said, smiling. 

"Thanks." Ashley said.

:I'm gonna go order the pizza. Any type you guys want?" Dan said, grabbing his phone. 

"Combo and pepperoni?" I said. 

"I'll just make my order a triple." Dan said walking away. 

"So you guys recently moved here?" I said. 

"Yeah, about a month ago. We're still unpacking. Where's Autumn?" Phil said. 

"Oh, she said she'll be down in a few." I said. 

"If so, you guys make yourselves at home. The PS3 and Xbox is over there, and the thousands of games that I have no idea how we got them, is in those cabinets on the sides." Phil said, pointing everything out.

"Thanks man!" Jake said, running towards the games.

"No problem! I gotta get my phone from my room." Phil said, jogging up the stairs.

-Autumn's P.O.V.-
After I took a shower and everything. I slipped on a long sleeve and sweats. It was September anyway. I walked out of my room, only to run into Phil.

"Hey Phil! Why are you running?" I said, getting up.

"Forgot my phone in my room. We're having pizza tonight." Phil said,

"Yes!" I said.

"You go on ahead, I'll be down in a minute." Phil said.

"Alright." I sai0d, and walked down.

I walked towards the living room, only to find Dan and the guys playing on the PS3. I sat down on the floor in front of Dan and watched them play.

"Hey Autumn." C.C. and Ashley said.

"Sup Autumn." Jinxx, Andy, and Jake said,

"What's up sis?" Dan said, messing up my hair.

"Hey guys, and the ceiling genius." I said, punching Dan on his leg.

"Was that suppose to hurt?" Dan said, laughing.

"Yes, yes it was.: I said, sticking my tongue at him. 

"You're a weak hitter." Dan said, still laughing. 

"Shut up." I said, 
poking him in the stumie (My word for stomach. :3 -Tiffany♥)  

"Oh, you've done it now." Dan said, and began tickling me. 

"Dan! S-Stop!" I said, in between laughs. 

"No, you poked me, now you shall be punished!" Dan said, still tickling me. 

-C.C.'s P.O.V.- 
We all laughed as Dan tickled Autumn. 

"Did she poke him?" Phil said, pointing at the two. 

"Yup." We all said, still laughing. 

"Autumn, when will you learn?" Phil chuckled. 

As Autumn was trying to hit Dan, I noticed scars on her wrist. She used to cut? Why? Thoughts ran through my head as I stared at the scars. Andy nudged my side and gave me a questioning look. 

"Later." I mouthed. 

Dan stopped tickling Autumn as the doorbell rang. 

"I got it!" Autumn yelled and started running. 

"No you don't!" Dan yelled and chased after her. 

"Phil sighed and followed behind, I sat there, still wondering. 

She cuts? 
Thanks for reading! Please Comment/Follow/ Favorite! I would really appreciate. You're awesome for even finding this story. I would also like feedback. (: Never Give In! -Tiffany<3