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Twisted Tales of Disney Princesses
Story published July 17, 2012 · updated September 16, 2013 · 51 pages · 44,312 readers · 417,317 reads
The Cannibal
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The Cannibal

*Imagine if Tarzan died by the ferocious Leopard that attacked them...? It happened....It was dark and foggy night in the Jungle and Tarzan and Jane, a beautiful safari girl were sitting on a tall tree. It was a gorgeous night. Stars were shining and so was a full moon. But that spontaneous full moon night became bloody when Tarzan's arch enemy, Sabor, the Leopard attacked and took away Tarzan's skin. Jane who was terrifyingly in shock, was too killed by the Leopard. Their souls lived but were trapped in the Jungle and Jane's body woke up and she got revenge by killing the beast and using its skin as clothing. But, she doesn't trust people coming into the Jungle so she attacks them and eats them just like the leopard...*

*201 years later*
"Some say she is an evil legendary Beast from hell. Some say she's mysteriously aggressive. Some even say she's an undead human dressed up as a skinned Leopard who kills and eats us human beings. But, I say it doesn't exist at all..." My dad explained. "But dad, what if she IS real?" I objected. "No buts, Issac. There's no such thing as living spirits or the undead and you know that! Besides, if they were to be real, I'd think the whole world would be at risk of being eaten or haunted by such of those things. But do you see people being consumed by the dead or people being horrifically scared by some levitating thing?! No. Now let's just quit arguing about something so stupid that it's making you go crazy, which would make me overly-stressed now wouldn't it?" My dad said. Wow pretty good speech...I thought. "...Ever heard the news?" I muttered. Dad turned his head as if he heard me. He had a angry face, which scared me. But instead, he sighed and his face was back to normal. I sighed with relief. "Common, son lets go." Dad calmly commanded me and I obeyed him. I grabbed my camera and leaped out of the tent entrance.
We were out of town camping in a safari Jungle. In a area we were camping was deeper and darker. So, during dawn, we really couldn't see much. But, this was a horrific dawn. This one I will never forget. This one no one believed me, not even my closest friends.
The sun wasn't rising yet and I turned my flash light. The entire time, we were silent. So, I decided to break it. "So, Dad, what do you think we're going to see today?" I asked. Dad just shrugged. I looked down to the ground, I noticed that there was a trail of...Blood? I guessed. "Dad! I think I found a trace of blood." I said. Dad turned and kneel to the ground. He dipped his fingers in one of the blood trail and put it in his mouth and immediately spitted out. "You're right, Issac. It is blood." Dad agreed. We followed the trail until we got to a certain tree with lots of blood on it. Some were even dripping from the leaves.
We looked up and there was some figure of a creature standing on one of the branches. Suddenly, the figure pounced on dad and started clawing and mauling his face. I only stared with shock and fear as I watched my dad's face being torn to pieces. So much of his blood was spilled that some of the blood splattered on my clothes and arms some even had red spots on my face. I can still hear dad crying for help, but my body refused to move. The next thing I knew, Dad's body was thrown at me. One of his arms were missing and his face was completely messed up and bloody. I had never seen anything so vile, so terrifying and gory that I threw up on his dead body.
I kneel to the ground as if I was weak. I looked up and I saw the figure just standing over Dad's body. I was too scared to speak. But, I backed away until I hit a tree. I was trapped, I had no where else to get away from her. Suddenly, I felt teeth rep my arm off and blood dripping. I fell to the ground as the world blurred. My flash light was on the ground, covered with blood and I can still see dad's body laying aside. The creature's face was in front of mine and the entire world went black as I felt painful teeth, eating my face

*An artist was walking in the jungle, looking for a spot to paint the jungle. When she looked down, she found little spots of blood trail....*


You have just entered the world of fear...