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Imagine - One Direction :)
Story published July 18, 2012 · updated August 28, 2012 · 10 pages · 8,848 readers · 13,729 reads
Imagine; Louis Tom
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Imagine; Louis Tomlinson #2❤

Louis Tomlinson.

When it says [Y/N], just put your own name there :)


It was early in the morning, around 7:00am and you had just woken up.

No one else was awake except your sister. Your sister was obsessed with a band called One Direction and she was watching on of their Twitcams again. You never really understood why she loved them so much, you didn't really know who they were, so you just left her to it. It was the twit cam that had once again woken you up.

You sighed, grabbed your phone and walked down the stairs into the living room and turned on the TV.

Your phone went off
*Unknown Number*
Probably some drunk person calling you, you thought.
You declined the call and got back to watching Spongebob.

After a few seconds your phone rang again.
Ok, they can't be that drunk if they managed to call the same number you thought.
You pressed the accept button and held the phone to your ear.

'Hello?' You said cautiously
'Hello?' You repeated
You could hear loads of beeping from the other end of the phone. It was the noises you get when people message you.
'Well your a busy person. I can hear you're getting loads of messages' 
'Oh er, erm, sorry, hello' The voice at the end said.
'You're northen? I'm sorry I don't know anyone Northen, you must of got the wrong number' You stated
'No wait! I'm Louis Tomlinson and you are currently live on my twit cam.' The voice said.
'I'm really sorry, but I have no idea who you are' about to hang up when the voice spoke again.
'Ok guys, I'm gonna end this twit cam now. Bye, thanks for all the support!'
You heard a click and there was silence.
'You really don't know who I am!?' Louis asked.
'Afraid not mate'

Just then your sister barged into the room all angry.
'Ugh! I was watching the twit cam with Louis and because some girl didn't know who he was, he switched off! Stupid girl! She should know who LOUIS TOMLINSON IS.' She said then looked at me, with a phone to my ear.


You quickly ran out the room and into your bedroom locking the door.

'I hear your sister knows who I am then' Louis said with a chuckle
'Ha yes she does and I do to now. You're one of the guys that is stuck to her wall who she kisses before she goes to bed' You said smiling. The guy seemed nice, might as well talk to him.

'Its nice to talk to someone who is not fangirling and actually talking to me like I'm not famous' He said
'Its all cool' I replied
'Look, this is a bit freaky, but would you like to meet at starbucks in London?' He asked

'Uhm well ok. At least I know who you are and you're not going to kidnap me'


You soon arrived and saw one of the guys from your sisters wall, so you walked straight over to him.

'Louis? Are you Louis?' You asked shyly

'That's me' He smiled signalling for you to sit down.

'I never got your name'

'[Y/N]' You replied
'Can I just ask, how comes when you called you didn't talk for like 2 minutes?' You asked

Louis looked down embarrassed.

'This will sound weird but, I guess I fell in love with your voice. I had to meet you' He said blushing

You smiled

'Well thanks.' You replied

You both continued chatting. You figured you guys had a lot in common and he was basically a male version of you. No kidding. You instantly fell in love with this guy.

'Hey I'm really sorry but I gotta go. Text me?' Louis asked handing you a piece of paper.

With that he walked out. You just sat there with a big smile on your face.

'My Louis Tomlinson' You thought.


Hey! Sorry wasn't one of my best but hope you enjoyed it :)

Carrie Xxx

Hope you like the Imagines <3.