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The lover night!
Story published July 18, 2012 · updated August 26, 2012 · 4 pages · 33 readers · 40 reads
This is when I mee
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This is when I meet my lover<3

 I was at one of the Black Veil Brides and Blood On The Dance Floor concert with my friend Heaven and we had backstage passes. We went backstage to see Andy talking to Dahvie and my friend pulls me to get there autograph but I stay put and they saw me so I hide my face. They come over and says "Why is a pretty girl hiding her face." My friend  said "Leave her alone. She is very shy." Andy said "She don't have to be. We wont bite her."  Dahvie started to laugh. I started to cry but no one saw me because I had my hands still on my face. Andy notices and said "stop crying." Dahvie said "I was just playing around sorry." I said "its okay." And started to smile so I took my hands off my face. Andy started to blush and then Ashly came over and said. "Who this whore?" Andy started to laugh and I got mad and said " Sorry.I not a whore. Bye jerks." Andy grabs my hand and said "Who a jerk and whats your name cutie?" I said "Let go and you are the jerk and Ashly bye." I slap his hand and ran out side to see my friend getting harassed by two guys so I flip them and said "Leave her alone dicks." My friend said "Sara you don't need to help." Andy saw me and Ashly  and laugh at what I said. He pulled my friend and me in to their tour bus. He kissed me and said "Hey will you go out with me." I said "What the hell are you trying to do pervert." He said "Oh sorry I just wanted to kiss you because you interesting Sara." I hugged him and started to cry. He said "Whats wrong Sara." I said. "Why are you so nice?" He said "Thats how I all way am tored girls." He pick me up and put me in his room. He put me on the bed and said "Your staying here to night." I nod my head and when to his closet to change. (What Im wearing ) I got out and hug Andy. He was in his boxers. We layed on the bed and I fell a sleep.
Andy point of view.
Sara fell asleep. She looked so pretty, I kiss her four-head and went to sleep. I wake up and she is still asleep and the band mates came in and said "We need to start the concert." I get up and get dress and go to the concert and get ready to play and worried about Sara.  Her friend is talking to Creg. She came over to me and ask "Where is Sara?" I said "She is asleep right now." We do the concert and then go back to the bus and when I got to my room she was still asleep and I sat on the bed on my laptop.
Sara point of view.
I wake up from this clicking noise and it was Andy so I got up and hug him and he turn around and saw me up. "Hey baby had a great sleep." I point at my phone he gets it. I look at the time it was 3:00 Pm. "Why didn't you wake me up Andrew?" He said "Baby you probably be mad if I wake you up." "No I won't." I jump on him and kiss him. He kiss me back. I got up and saw Dahvie come in. Andy said "Hey bud." Dahvie said "Hey Andrew." I got up and went to the bathroom to change. ( I came back and Andy was changing and he saw me walk in. "Sara im changing." I blush and get out of his room. He came out and kissed me and said "you didn't need to get out but next time warn me." I look scared to say something so he hug me tightly and put me on the couch. He said "We should go out for one date and if you don't like me after then we can just be friends. Okay?" I say "Okay Andrew." He said "We will have it tomorrow and today we can go to the mall." We went to the mall all day I got a outfit. (This is what she got )
Should I continue. 
Favorite if I shall continue and comment.