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I'm a Secret. [Teen Titans FanFiction]
Story published July 19, 2012 · updated 5 months ago · 50 pages · 2,766 readers · 29,515 reads
Small Bonus Chapte
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Small Bonus Chapter.

A/N: This is based on a dream I had.

So, enjoy!


We walked to the  movie store.

It was movie night at the Tower and Beast Boy got to pick the movie.

They sent me to make sure he doesn't get anything stupid.

"BB, what are you doing?"

He changed a few of him body parts into animal parts.


He laughed,

"Hey, when you had that dream. About our kids?"

I blushed.

"Did you have to bring it up?"

He smiled and kissed me.

I was shocked, but kissed back.

"BB, what's with you? You're not yourself today."

I said pulling away.

I ran his fingers through his hair.

"So I can't kiss my girlfriend now?"

"No, I didn't say that. It's just, you never kiss me without warning me first."

I told him in a defensive way.

He laughed.

"So in your dream, did I do anything like this?"

He turned into a giant bird, almost like the ones that Raven have in her subconcience.

I smiled at him.

"Beast Boy?"

The bird he turned into wasn't his regular green.

It was a fiery red.

"Beast Boy?"

He breathed fire at me.

"Beast Boy! Stop!"

I said before rolling out of the way.

He flew up and started burning the houses in jump city.

I flipped open my communicator.

"Guys! Get here quick! Beast Boy's out of control!"

I closed the communicator and flew up to Beast Boy.

"BB! Come on! You're nothing like this!"

He breathed fire at me again and swatted me down.

I landed in a dumpster.

"Okay. Beast Boy, is still as nasty as ever"

I took a banana peel off my head and flew up to him again.

"Hey Beast Boy!"

I heard Robin yell.

It's about time they got here.

"Titan's go!"

They all got shot down.

Robin, Starfire and Raven got burned, and Cyborg's battery was burned out.

"Beast Boy!"

I flew up to him.

He breathed fire at me again.

I dodged it again.

"Beast Boy! Don't you remember me?"

He breathed fire at me again.

I dodged, but was swatted down.

Back into the dumpster.

"Okay, it's either he doesn't want to hurt me, or he just really thinks that dumpster will hurt me."

I sighed and flew up, showing him the pendant that he gave me.

"Beast Boy! Do you remember this?"

I pulled it off and held it up.

"You gave it to me, saying it was your most prized possesions?"

I held it up to the light so that he could see it.

"BB? Little Green Monster? Are you still there?"

I asked using my nickname for him.

I could see his eyes turn green again.

"You hurt your friends. See?"

I pointed at Robin, Starfire and Raven who surrounded Cyborg.

"The Beast Boy I know, would never, ever, hurt his friends like you have."

I said.

He blew fire at me, and I couldn't dodge in time.

He burned me.

I started falling, and my necklace fell out of my hands.

"Beast Boy! Help!"

I was up at least 40 feet in the air, and falling from that distance, was bound to give me some sort of injury.

"Beast Boy! Help me!"

I yelled again.

I could see parts of the bird turning back into Beast Boy.

Then, it happened.

Beast Boy was back on the ground and holding out his hands.

I fell in his arms and hugged him.

"Beast Boy.. Don't do that ever again."

  I said as he set me on my feet.

"Now, can we get them back home so we can heal."

I said with a smile.

He put my hand over his shoulders and I supported Robin.

He smiled at me.

Robin was burned on his foot, like me.

Raven and Starfire were burned on their hands, so they could barely do anything.

I turned to Robin and the girls, who were carrying Cyborg.

"So, why didn't you come help me try and snap him out of it?"

"Well, we figured that you had it all under control with your... boyfriend."

I looked at the ground and blushed.

"Shut up dad..."

I looked at him, amusement showing clearly in my eyes as he gained an annoyed look on his face.

"Again with this Father-Daughter thing?!?! I thought you came out of that!"

I giggled and laughed as Robin hit me.

I squeaked when Beast Boy started to tickle me.

Robin started doing the same.

'I bet while they're tickling me, the girls have already gotten Cyborg all charged up.'

I thought.

"You guys! Stop messing with my tickle spots and lets get back to the Tower!"

I said between laughs.

They stopped tickling me and continued walking.