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Saving One Direction *Harry Styles love story* ON HOLD*
Story published July 20, 2012 · updated March 5, 2013 · 131 pages · 1,870 readers · 25,840 reads
Chapter 12
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Chapter 12

-Kates POV-

It was 6:30 am and I got a call. My phone was so loud! It was Zayn.

"Hello.." I answered sleepily.
"Hey Kate. Did I wake ya? Sorry.. Anyways Liam wanted me to call and tell you that we're going to the studio today at 7:15 be there, it was kinda a last minute thing, but we need to work on the album and we can't push it off any longer."
"Ok I'll be there, can you text me the address? Bye Zayn!"

I hung up quickly and laided around for about 10 minutes then got up and did my hair and put on some makeup quickly and I didn't have time for breakfast or time to put in my contacts or even time to change out my pjs so I just put on a hoodie and some shoes as well as a little jewelery to spice it up a bit.  (Yes those are my real glasses) I got the text with the address and put it into GPS, it was 30 minutes away. I left Kara and Lauren a note telling them where I was. I looked at the time 6:40 and I ran out to my car and drove off. I needed to be there at 7:15 so if I left right away I'd be there 5 minutes early. Good! I showed up and all boys were there. I walked up to the studio and went inside and I looked around for their booth; or should I say our booth! I walked in.

"I didn't know you wore glasses!" Louis exclaimed taking them off my face and running away with them.
"Lou I can't see!" The other boys laughed.

I did a fake pouty face and Harry chased Lou to get them back. The music producer finally stepped in "Okay boys stop it now we have some work to do." Louis didn't give my glasses back though. I finally snuck up behind him and grabbed them away. He did his cry face. I laughed and stuck my tongue out. The music prouducer, named Stanley gave us a music sheet with lyrics on it.

"Ok so I want you all to go in there and practice this. I worked really hard so I need you guys to sing well." He demanded.

We all walked into the music room or box, whichever you prefer. We started singing, the song is called "Incredible Feelings", Liam started and Harry did some backups, then we all joined in, then Louis went, then I had my solo (my first solo! :D), then all of us again, then Niall, then Harry, then all again, and then Zayn finished it off. It sounded amazing! We went over just that song for about 2 and half hours. My stomach started to growl during the song so we had to break and eat some food, doughnuts! 

"You did really good Kate!" Niall complimented.
"Thanks! It's my first time in the studio!"
"I would've never guessed! We all did really well but Kate did extraordinary, it's her first time in a recording studio and she did perfect! Our band is going to be back at the top in no time!" Liam spoke.

We all ate and then went back to working, a new song now. "Something About Tonight" I was a really good song. We all had solos and we all sang together too. I really liked it, something about it just connected to me. I had some backups that were really high, and I was so happy about that! We practiced that one for a couple hours too. Then we got another song.

"Last song for today lads, then you can go home." Stanley said.

We all worked really hard. It's called "How Does Forever Sound". This was my favorite out of all of them! It was such a lovey dovey song. We all sang and had our solos, but my favorite part was when Harry was basically singing to me asking me to be his and I kept singing back to him.

"What could I do to make you stay?"
"You can give me forever."
"What can I do to make you love me?"
"You can love me forever."
"What can I say to have you in arms for just one night?"
"We can fall for each other"
"How does forever sound?"
"How does forever sound?"
"How do you you feel about me now?"

The song ended. I was shocked. It was amazing and for a second I actually thought Harry was my boyfriend. Which he could be but I just wasn't ready. Everyone stared at us from outside the box as we were breathing heavily.

"That was brilliant!" Stanley bragged.

We walked out the box and I was really red. I guess the boys noticed because they all started making jokes about it. some of them were really funny though.

"Stop it guys!" I said with a fake pouty face.

 They all laughed but agreed to stop.

"Lunch?" Louis asked.
"Nandos?" Niall asked.
"NO!" The boys yelled.

He mimicked the pouty face I just did.

We went to McDonald's. I got a 6 peice nugget and a small fry with a milkshake. we sat down and ate but then some Directioners came over to our table. One of them was totally fangirling!

"OMG! It's One Direction!" A girl said.
"OMG! OMG! It must be the new member!! Can we get a picture with you guys?!" Her friend asked.
"Sure!" We said.

So this is what it's like to be famous? I thought to myself.

"OMG! Thanks soo much! And congrats on being in the band!" They both said and gave us all hugs.

We then started eating our lunch.

"So what did you think of your first fangirls?" Harry asked laughing.
"Haha they were nice! I think i'll go find that picture on the internet and then go make a Twitter and have that as my picture!"
"Aww that's sweet!" Liam said.

After lunch Harry and I went over to his house so he could help me make a Twitter.. I wasn't good at that kinda stuff.. It was my first time there.

"Wow! This is beautiful!" I said.
"Thanks! Let's go inside" Harry said.

It was even more beautiful on the inside. We sat down on his couch and started making one on his laptop.

"So first open the window." He joked.
"I know that silly!" I giggled.

He put his arm around me. We got through the first couple of steps.

"Now go to Google and see if you can find the picture."

I googled the date and One Direction with the new member. The third picture was it! I was so happy I'd found it!
 we continued finishing it and then there was only one thing left. My first tweet!

"What should my first tweet say?" I aksed resting my fingers on the keyboard.
"Hmm.. How about 'I love @Harry_Styles more than anything!♥'?"
"Hahah, no silly willy!" I giggled touching his nose ever so slightly with my index finger.
"How about 'Hey guys! I'm Kate and I'm the new member of 1D! Anyone want a follow?'" I suggested.
"Sounds good to me but you can't follow anyone until you follow me!" Harry said.

I went and followed him and the rest of the boys aswell as Simon, Paul, Stanley, and other people I knew. I went back to my page. 

"589,126 followers already?! Wow!" I exclaimed.

I went to my 'mentions'. The first one was "Everyone go follow @Kate_Bearny she's our new member! We are honored to have her xx" 

"That's why!" I smiled slyly.

I followed a bunch of people; 258 to be exact! It took me awhile but then I wanted to get off and go home to nap. I was exuasted!

"I'm gonna go home Harry." I said getting up.
"No! why don't you just stay here and watch a movie together?" He said grabbing my arm.
"Hmm.. Ok" I smiled.
"Yaaaaaaay!" He dragged out the a.

He put in The Titanic, I loved this movie! we sat on the couch and he kept getting closer to me. He finally sat right next to me with his arm around me. I blushed and smiled. I suddenly don't rememeber anything but then woke up after awhile.

"Harry.." I said looking down to see him laying on my stomach with his arm on me.

I didn't want to wake him so I just played with his curls for a bit, they were the best things in the world! They were so soft and lushious! He eventually woke up.

"Morning sleepy head!" I said softly.
"No, I meant how'd ya sleep?" I laughed.
"Just fine what about you love?"
"What time is it?"
"Umm.." I looked at the clock. "18:30."
He closed his eyes and smiled still laying on me.
"I better get home." I told him.
He just layed on me smiling and grabbing my leg.
"Harry!" I said.
"I have to go home before my mom starts to worry!" I giggled.
"Just text her! tell her you're staying for dinner!" He said.
I thought about it for a minute.
"Ok.." I said with a smile.
I texted my mom with one hand while he still layed in the same spot with his eyes closed as I still ran my fingers through his curls. He was so stunning..♥

This is a new story I'm starting, I was just sitting there the other day and this popped into my head!(: So I hope you enjoy<3 Good day loves(: