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Bella's Little Sister *Seth Clearwater Love Story*
Story published July 20, 2012 · updated October 14, 2012 · completed · 170 pages · 13,318 readers · 221,744 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

I stepped out outside of the Seattle Airport and felt a rush of cool air, making me shiver. I immediately noticed that it was raining. Great. I'm not much of a rain person, unless i want to take a nap. Then bring on the rain! Other than that i prefer sunshine. Thats why i didn't move with Bella to Forks originally. As i took a seat on a bench I began to wonder what made me want to move here. Its just so....gloomy! I'm starting to think this was a bad idea, but to late now! Besides, I missed my big sister and i really needed a change in scenery. Whatever it was, I'm starting to second guess myself.

        The rain had started to finally let up some as i pulled my phone out of my bag and turned it on. Immediately a message popped up from Bella that said:

From: Bella
Hey! We're running a little late- Jake's being a pig and made me stop for food on the way. What a fatty, and he didn't even save any for you!

Re: I'm hurt! D: You guys didn't save any for me?! 

From Bella:
Re: Sorry! Don't worry we're picking up a couple pizzas on the way home. 

Re: Yes! When are you going to be here? I FREAKIN MISSED YOU GUYS!!! 

From Bella:
Re: Pulling up now, look for my red truck.

        Sure enough, Bella pulled up a few seconds later in her truck. I smirked, you would Bella. I grabbed my stuff, stood up, and ran over to them. I put my stuff down as Jake jumped out of the passenger side and engulfed me in a big bear hug, "Cant. Breathe. JAKE!"
"Sorry! I've just missed you so much!" He said as he let me go so i could hug my sister. Jake pulled out a few trash bags to put my bags in before throwing them into the back of the truck. He then turned to me and tapping his temple and said, "Always thinkin." I giggled as he winked at me and we all piled into the small cab of Bella's truck. 

        Bella got in the drivers seat and we were off! The trip back to Forks was going to take a little while so I decided to strike up a conversation, "So what have I missed?"

        Jake let out a loud laugh, "Nothing, absolutely nothing."

        "Oh, reeeeeally?" I inquired. "Whats the relationship status?" I nudged them both in the side and winked at Jake who had starting blushing like a madman. 

        "Stop it, Sami, I have a boyfriend, you know that," started Bella.

        "I know, I know," I said. "Edward this and Edward that. Edwards so good looking, I still can't believe he ever went for me..." I joked, mimicking Bella from when she would gush about him over the phone when they first got together. Jake was just looking out the window with a grumpy look on his face. 

        "Shut up," said Bella, blushing.

        I laughed quietly to myself. For the rest of the ride back to Forks we all chatted about random stuff... school, Billy, the reservation, Charlie, anything that came to mind. I just wanted Bella to hurry up and get us home, it was getting a bit cramped being smushed between these two. I soon saw a sign that said, Welcome to Forks and then the population. I started laughing uncontrollably at that small number. Bella and Jake looked at me like i was crazy, which made me laugh even more. Bella pulled into the parking lot of a small strip mall and walked into a pizza place to pick up our pizzas. I continued laughing and rolled so that i was laying across the seats with my head in Jake's lap. 

        "What the hell is so funny?" Jake asked, shaking his head.

        "The sign!" I said in-between laughs. "It said the population on it!"


        "My old school had more kids in it than this town has in population!" I bursted out laughing again.

        "Your a weirdo, you know that?" Jake said with a small smile. 

        My smile dropped immediately and i sat up, smoothing down my ringlets. In a very serious matter-of-fact tone i said, "Thank you very much for that compliment." 

        We both broke out into laughter. "I will seriously never understand whats going through your head," Jake said as Bella hopped back in the truck with two pizzas and garlic roles.

        "What? Elevator music?" Bella joked as she passed up the pizzas.

        "Well then," I huffed. "The truth finally comes out."

        "You know I love you," she said with a big grin plastered on her face.

        Within about 10 minutes we had pulled up to the familiar little house that I would now call home. It looked exactly the same as I remembered. Jake helped me bring my bags to my room, he was extremely muscular now, I was actually quit shocked when I saw him. He's freakin' huge! I'm 99% sure that kid took steroids or something. While I unpacked Jake told me about the rez and all his friends. He then helped me redecorate my room with things I brought with me from my old bedroom...

"Come get pizza before it gets cold!" Bella yelled from downstairs.

"COMING!" I hollared back.

Jake and I raced down the stairs like we did as children and grabbed some pizza. We all sat around at the table, joking and laughing. Goooood times. When we finished we got up and put our plates in the sink. "I've missed you so much Sami! You look so different than when we were kids! I remember when we used to all make mud pies together and you were like yay tall," he said, motioning with his hands.

"Gosh, Jake, you sound like my grandma when you say it like that!" I grumbled.

Jake immediately stood up taller and said in a very matter-of-fact tone, "Well I AM almost an adult, you know."

I narrowed my eyes at him, getting all serious, to be all up in his face and said, "That doesn't mean you have to act like one."

He looked down at me VERY seriously, took a step closer, and said, "Touché."

"Hey kids!" I heard Charlie's voice say from the front door.

"DADDDDYYYYYYY!" I screamed happily as I ran and gave him a big hug. "I've missed you so much!"

He seemed surprised, but hugged me back, "Ive missed you to, Baby Doll." I got him some pizza as he sat down at the table, having some manly talk with Jake. I leaned against the counter, very content with my small family. 
 Thanks for reading my story! Let me know what you think and leave comments!  Sorry if it sucks, this is my first story. 
There will be a sequel!!! Funny thing is, i actually wrote the sequel before i wrote this one! 
I hope you like it!!! 
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