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Bella's Little Sister *Seth Clearwater Love Story*
Story published July 20, 2012 · updated October 14, 2012 · completed · 170 pages · 13,214 readers · 220,248 reads
Chapter 25
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Chapter 25

I was alone in the woods, running, but I don't know what I was running from. Something was following me, and whatever it was, it was fast. It wasn't mortal either, it was definitely immortal. This thing was playing with me, like it was the predator and I was the prey. It flashed in fornt of me in less than a second, all I saw was a blur of white. Every time it did that I changed directions. Sometimes it would push me down, sending me tumbling down a hill or into a bush. But no matter how much pain I was in I kept running. 

"Sami!" Seth yelled. Where was he? His voice came from up ahead. 

"Seth! I'm coming!" I yelled frantically, trying to go in the direction of his terrified screams. But every time I tried to go to him, the the thing got in my way. "Seth!"

"Sami! Sami, where are you?! Sami!!!"

"SETH!" I screamed, tears running down my face. I could feel his pain, how scared he was. I was scared too. 

"Sami." someone said form behind me. I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around. A tall, pale man with long dark hair stood motionless. He wore a long, menacing, black robe. He was a vampire. "Sami, don't go to him, come to me, child. You could be so great with me. With us."

"No!" I spat. A look of anger flashed across his face. He raised his hand threateningly and I felt his hand sting my face. Then he threw me back and I landed on the hard ground. I was now covered in cuts and a bruise was forming beneath my eye on my cheek. I thought he would end me right then and there. But strangely, he disappeared. My thoughts immediately turned to Seth, and I jumped to my feet. There was a pain in my ankle, but I ignored it, and limped in the direction of his voice. "SETH! WHERE ARE YOU? SETH!"


His voice was closer now. I ran faster, "SETH! I'm right here!"

Then I felt his arms around me, and I melted into him, sobbing. "Sami, I was so worried, I thought they got you!"

"They did!" I sobbed. As the adrenaline drained form me I fell to the ground, no longer able to stand the pain in my ankle. 

"Sh," Seth cooed. "I'm here, your safe."

"Not quit yet," a menacing voice said.

Seth immediately stood up to fight, "No! Seth! He's to strong for you!"

"You can't have her," he said, protectively.

"We already know she doesn't want to change and come with us," he went on.  "So if we can't have her, then nobody can."

Seth bursted into a wolf and went to attack. Just in time, the rest of the pack joined in, it was pure chaos. I crawled along the ground, trying to get away, but someone grabbed my hurt ankle, yanking me back. I screamed loudly from the pain. Seth's head snapped in my direction and he pounced on the blonde vampire that had grabbed me, Jane. I remembered her well. Cold arms grabbed me and I struggled to get away. But the grip on my was gentle, it was Edward. Then we were on the beach in La Push when Felix pushed Edward, making me tumble into the sand. Seth came running to me in human form, "Sami!"

"Seth!" I said in relief. 

He knelt down beside me, "Sami, I can't believe I let them hurt you. I promise I'll take you away from here, far far away."

I threw my arms around his neck, "I love you so much."

"I love you too," he whispered into my ear. 

I yelped in shock when he was torn from me, and Aro had him in a head lock. "SETH! ARO, PLEASE LET HIM GO!" I pleaded. 

"But, why?" he said. "He's only a werewolf."

"I LOVE HIM! Please! I'll do anything! Just let him go! Don't hurt him, I'm begging you!" I said. 

"Oh Sami, you clearly don't know how we operate," he looked around the beach, and I gasped at what I saw. There were vampire body parts everywhere. The body parts from my own family, there was blood too. A lot of blood. The pack was dead too. Seth and I were the only ones left. 

"Please," I pleaded. 

I was about to start pleading for Seth's life again when he did it. Aro snapped Seth's neck, and tossed him into a fire like a rag doll. "NO!!" I screamed. My body burned like it was on fire and my neck felt like it had a bullet in it. Our imprint, it connected us. We could feel each others pain, and emotions. Now, I could feel his body burn. I screamed in agony, tears falling over my cheeks. But I wasn't crying about feeling him burn, I was crying and screaming because he was gone. Seth was dead. He was killed right in front of my eyes, and it was my fault. If only I had agreed to go with Aro when I had the chance, this wouldn't have happened. Now I was going to be killed, or worse, a slave. Maybe I should die though. I don't deserve to live. I deserve to die and go straight to hell. I just wish I could have told him I loved him one more time. 

Aro stepped up to where I was on the beach sand, "Now little one, your going to be mine forever."

He lunged for my throat. 


"Sami! Wake up!" Seth said quietly, shaking my shoulders slightly. 

My eyes flew open and I saw Seth's worried face leaning over me, "Seth! I thought you were dead!" I threw my arms around him, tears pouring down my face. 

"It was just a nightmare," Seth said soothingly, rubbing my back. I leaned into him, feeling his muscular body against my small, frail one. I didn't realize I was shaking until he said, "Calm down, Sami, your safe here, stop shaking."

I tried to calm down, but trying to become calm made me feel more stressed. Just thinking about that dreaded nightmare gave me anxiety. My breathing became labored and I was dizzy. Seth had me lay down again, using his thumb to massage my hand and calm me, but he was unsuccessful. My head was pounding and I was cold, yet my skin was burning up. I hardly knew what was happening. All I knew was that I was sick. Really sick. "Seth," I winced as my head continued to throb. I could tell in his eyes he could feel my pain, because I could feel the worry coming from him.

"I wish I could do something to help you," he whispered, kissing my forehead. 

I fought the urge to drift into sleep again, not wanting to be plagued with nightmares. I was doing a pretty good job too. But I fell into a coughing fit and could hardly breath. Then the unthinkable happened. I stopped breathing. My Asthma was back. 


When I woke up I was laying in a hospital bed, I tried to sit up but a hand pushed me back down gently, "No Sami, lay down, you need to keep resting." 

I layed back down and  turned my head to look Seth in the eyes, "What happened?" I asked weakly. 

"You had an Asthma attack," he said sadly. "Charlie cam running into the room and luckily I got out of the window before he saw me, but it was awful not being able to be with you. I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do."

I gulped, feeling the ache in my lungs, "Does Bella know?"

"Yea---" he couldn't finished because Alice bursted in. 

"SamiJo! I saw what happened in a vision! Only the last part, the part of you being rushed to the hospital! I ran back as fast as I could, but luckily we were already close. Bella really wanted to come, but she's still much to new to be coming to a hospital. Heck, its even hard for me! Oh my gosh Sami I can't believe this happened. Rosalie wanted to come too, vampires have started to arrive, the nomads, oh and the coven from Alaska. Carlisle says he's going to take you back to the house in a but so he can keep an eye on you there and you'll be safe for sure!" she said all in one breathe. Damn that girl can talk. 

"Okay, Alice, I got it," I said tiredly. 

"Is Carlisle sure she's strong enough to be moved right now?" Seth asked. 

"Well, Carlisle said he can keep her safe, for goodness sakes Seth! Carlisle's the yes doctor within miles! You have nothing to worry about!" Alice said. 

"Yeah, I guess," he said, still unsure. 

I squeezed Seth's hand, "I'll be fine, babe."

I spent the rest of the day pretty much sleeping, then around seven at night, Carlisle decided to take me back. Before leaving, Alice helped me change into this:. Seth had to leave for pack stuff, so Carlisle carried me out to his car. He had my bag slung over his shoulder that had my clothes along with medical supplies he may need for me. I probably would have called asleep on the way back to the Cullen's house, he Carlisle drives so fast I hardly had the chance. Before I knew, Jasper had my door open and was cradling me in his arms as he made his way into the house. 

The second we stepped through the door a few familiar faces from the wedding turned directly my way. A few unfamiliar faces looked at me hungrily. Their red eyes scared me. Jasper tightened his grip on he, holding me protectively in a gesture that let me know he knew I was scared. I was weak, fragile, and scared, not a good combination for being around vampires. 

"Is this SamiJo?" A blonde vampire asked curiously. "Is she very sick? Poor little thing."

I looked away in embarrassment. "Yes," Edward said. "She isn't normally this sick, but she has a human disease, known as Asthma." 

"How horrible," she said with genuine concern. 

A nomad spoke up this time, "Why not just turn her? It will end her suffering."

Rosalie growled and it made me jump. "She doesn't want to be turned, and besides, she can't."

"But why?" Tanya, he blonde vampire asked. 

"Because she's an imprint," Edward said. 

The vampires eyes widened, "As in, a werewolf?

"What's wrong with that? I love him and he makes me happy," I said bravely. 

Another vampire made a tsk sound, I wanted to get up and defend Seth and the pack, but I could hardly stand. They all looked at me as if they were sorry for me. But why? Seth made me happy the same way their mates make them happy. 

Without another word, Jasper followed Carlisle and brought me upstairs, laying me down in the bed they had had for Bella when she was pregnant. "Why can't I stay in Rose's room?" 

Carlisle paused what he was doing and put his cold hand over mine, "If something happens, all the supplies are in here, Sami. We need to get you healthy again."

With that he left me to sleep, turning the light off as he left to go talk with the vampires downstairs more. The Voltouri's visit was close. Very close. I needed to get better, and soon. 
 Thanks for reading my story! Let me know what you think and leave comments!  Sorry if it sucks, this is my first story. 
There will be a sequel!!! Funny thing is, i actually wrote the sequel before i wrote this one! 
I hope you like it!!! 
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