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Forever Young. (Lesbian Love Story) [FINISHED!]
Story published July 20, 2012 · updated October 28, 2012 · completed · 21 pages · 1,818 readers · 12,040 reads
Chapter Five: Love
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Chapter Five: Love. <3

Sorry for this delayed update. I just got into so much stuff dealing with my boyfriend, sister, and brothers. Hopefully you guys aren't mad and will still continue to read, comment, and follow c:

Nobody commented on what kind of chapter to make next, so this will be a Karma chapter.

- Karma -

Everything in life has been perfect ever since Sophia came. She just stayed instead of partying all night. She loves Lily-Mae. She's probably everything I could want and need.

Beauty calls occasionally, saying she's sorry and she wants to see Lily-Mae. I still don't like the idea, but maybe Lily-Mae living with Beauty her one year would be good for Beauty.

All that I know about Beauty is that she lives alone in a small house. She's constantly in and out of relationships. If Lily-Mae was younger than it wouldn't be good for her, but since she's older I guess it won't effect her as much.

Lily-Mae worries me about everything though. I know she gets bullied in school for her sexuality. Lily-Mae just hids upstairs all day listening to music and doing homework. She talks to us, but not as much as she did before highschool. People say it's our fault she's a lesbian because we put it around her and it's a disgrace. I think Lily-Mae choose it herself, but people don't understand love is love no matter what.

We don't have really any friends in this neighborhood. I still talk to Aaron and he's happily married to Trevor. They adpoted recently twins, one boy and one girl. Their names are Gale and Andrea. They moved futher away so I barely see them anymore.

Daniel and Nate are still together and they have one boy. His name is Mattias, which no one really knows how to pronounce. Last time I heard of them, they were going on vacation for a month in Poland (it's where Nate's parents moved to)

Then, Cierra and Jameson are divorced. Cierra couldn't get passed the fact he cheated or almost cheated. They both share Alexander. I heard Jameson was already married again, to Chloe. The one he cheated on Cierra with. They have a boy named Angelo. Cierra has a boyfriend, Trenton, but she says she doesn't want to get married again.

So some people thought they could last forever and some people did. I guess that's just how life goes.

Wanted to make this chapter to give you guys details of where everybody ended up c:
Ideas and stuff by this chick's sister :