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Hating My Mate, the Alpha
Story published July 23, 2012 · updated May 17, 2013 · completed · 92 pages · 63,046 readers · 769,117 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

By the time school ended, I was probably one of Mr. Alpha's enemies, and I didn't even know his name! I was heading to my mustang when I was stopped by him.
"I have to talk to your mom now." He told me.
"I was hoping I would have been gone by now." I muttered, but he still heard me.
"You'll have to show me where you live." He pointed out.
"Just follow me." I sighed and got into my mustang. I turned to look at him to see him still standing there, staring at me.
"You coming or not, Mr. Alpha?" I chuckled and took off, not caring to see if he was actually following me or not. I got home within a few minutes, my brother pulling in at the same time.
"Did you notice almost the whole school are werewolves?" He asked.
"Nah! I thought they were giant Teddy Bears, especially with their leader in almost all my classes." I said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes but froze when he realized what I said.
"He's in your grade?" He questioned.
"Yeah, though he's 18." I shrugged.
"That's a little young for an alpha, wait. If he's 18, why is he in your grade?" Sometimes I swear my brother's stupid.
"Cause' he's stupid," I rolled my eyes," He probably took off of school when he first became Alpha. Oh, and he should be here in about 3...2...1..." A big black truck pulled up in out driveway, followed by an angry looking alpha getting out.
"You were suppose to wait until I got into my truck!" He growled.
"Sorry Mr. Alpha, you took too long." I said Mr. Alpha while rolling my eyes.
"You're not suppose to get on his bad side!" My brother whispered in my ear. I just didn't pay attention to him and walked inside with the boys following me.
"Mom! You have some explaining to do!" I shouted and headed to the kitchen. My mom was inside there taking out fresh oatmeal cookies from the oven.
"Explaining for what?" She asked but stopped when she saw Mr. Alpha.
"You know I can kill you for trespassing on my land." He said.
"She's human, idiot." Maybe he dud fail a grade, or two. He glared at me but turned back to my mom, who was now putting cookies in the jar. I quickly grabbed a few before she could close the lid and she swatted my hands away.
"Well being human, it's a little hard to tell if the town is run by werewolves or not." She looked up at Mr. Alpha before putting the jar in her 'secret' hiding place. Truth is I found out where they were hidden when I was 8, but Danny still didn't know.
"I'll give you that, but you're husband must be a werewolf." Mr. Alpha said.
"One problem with that, he's died." I told him.
"Joe! I can speak for myself!" My mom yelled. I just shrugged, I liked getting on Mr. Alpha's nerves anyway.
"I'm sorry for you're loss, but shouldn't you have noticed?" He turned to me.
"This is my first time going to a werewolf school and my dad died when I was 9, I found out I was a werewolf at 13." I replied.
"I guess I can't really blame y'all. Now it's just up to me if y'all can stay or not." He sighed.
"I'm up for moving!" I said. Everyone turned to glare at me and I just gave a sheepish grin.
"Well considering y'all just moved here, and don't know much, I'll let y'all stay." Mr. Alpha said. I really need to learn his name, so I can finally stop calling him Mr. Alpha.
"What pack's land are we on?" My mom asked.
"You're now living in RedFire's land, and as you can tell, I'm the Alpha, Gage Preston." He answered. Grr, Gage is one of my favorite names, and he has it!
"Well, you know where the door's at, so I'm pretty sure you can see yourself out." I got up and brushed past him, trying to go to my room. Our shoulders bumped into each other, which sent tingles through my body. I froze slightly, but quickly kept on waking, thinking it was nothing. By the time I reached my room, the front door was being slammed shut. Well, now's a perfect time to video chat with my best friend from my old school, Alex. He is extremely hot, but sadly he's gay. So right now I could use some of his awesome gayness. I hooked my camera up to my computer and logged onto Skype. I waited a minute before a disturbing picture came on my screen. Alex was only in his boxers, dancing around and singing to Justin Beaver. I think I'm scarred....
"I knew it! You're in love with Justin Beaver!!" I screamed. He froze and slowly turned his head to stare in horror at the computer. I bursted out laughing at his face.
"You did not see that! I'm Alex's twin brother, Elex!" He waved his hand like Obi-Wan did in Star Wars.
"Why do they have to rhyme?" I asked.
"Well you know our parents. You're hot by the way, you wanna go out?" He wiggled his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes, he really is a weird kid.
"Anyway, any new drama?" I knew how much he loved gossip.
"Oh, yay! Wait, let me put some clothes on..."
"No! I mean, I'm your best friend, I've seen you in boxers plenty of times." I reminded him. (To all you dirty minds out there, they're just best friends! Remember he's gay!)
"Suree. You just wanna see my sexy abs." He smirked. He had a freaking 6-pack!!
"You do have VERY sexy abs." I grinned.
"To bad you can't have any of this!" He motioned to his whole body using his hands. I rolled my eyes, he can be a big pervert at times.
"Why would I want any of that?!? It's been touched by too many boys!" I laughed. Alex can really make my day!
"Hey! That's soo not true! There's no gay guys at this stupid school." He pouted.
"Well, don't worry, there's no gay guys here either!" I told him.
"Oh! But is there any hot guys?" He asked. What am I suppose to say? Half of the school were got because they're werewolves?
"Plenty, sadly they're all taken." Not like I really wanted a boyfriend.
"Just do what you always do, punch someone in the face!" He grinned.
"I'm afraid getting a hot guy isn't that easy." I sighed. They all had mates, and I had yet to find mine. Though I don't really want one...
"Anyway, made any new friends?" He questioned.
"Nope. I was fighting with this one guy all day." I said. Stupid good for nothing Alpha.
"Is he hot?" He smirked. He was too hot.. What am I saying?!?!?
"Very." It slipped out of my mouth before I could close it.
"Send me a pic!! He probably likes you!" He screamed. Fat chance of that.
"Joe! Dinner's ready! Oh, hey Alex." Danny came into my room. Alex straightened his messy hair and quickly put on a shirt.
"Hey Danny!" Alex gave him a flirty smile. Alex has had a crush on my brother since we were in 7th grade. I found it very funny.
"Umm... Yeah, well dinner's ready." Danny left.
"So hot..." Alex sighed dreamily. I rolled my eyes, it's weird having my best friend liking my brother, especially him being a guy.
"Well, I'll talk to you later!" I said.
"Adios!" He called as I shut my laptop. I headed downstairs and sat down next to my brother at the table.
"What was up with that smile he gave me?" Danny asked, weirded out.
"He likes you." I told him.
"That's, um, disturbing." He stuttered. I laughed, sometimes I really love my life.
Sorry I couldn't upload earlier, I got back from a mission trip yesterday and I was in the middle of uploading this last night when I had to leave! Thanks for reading!

Sorry for any spelling mistakes!