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Hating My Mate, the Alpha
Story published July 23, 2012 · updated May 17, 2013 · completed · 92 pages · 63,590 readers · 775,146 reads
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Weird Dreams and Wolfness
"You should thank me for letting y'all stay." Gage whispered in my ear while he sat down next to me the next day.
"Why should I? I wanted to leave." I pointed out.
"Just think about your mom then, in pretty sure she's thankful for being able to stay." He reminded me.
"Well, I'm not my mom." I told him.
"Whatever. Anyway, do you like it here so far?" He asked.
"I hate it." I replied.
"And how can you possibly hate it?" He questioned.
"Well, I left my bestfriend, this is a stupid big dog town, and you." I shrugged. Something flashed through his eyes but before I could determine it, it left.
"I'll agree with you about leaving your friend behind, but this town isn't that bad." He said.
"You think that because you run this town." I turned my head to look at the board.
"Maybe, but to assure you, you can't hate me." He whispered.
"Too late." I told him.
The day passed by slowly and when the last bell rang, I was already out of my seat running out the door.
"Joe, wait!" A deep voice called from behind me. I groaned, turning around to see Mr. Alpha standing in the middle of the classroom.
"What do you want?" I growled. Hurt flashed through his eyes but quickly disappeared, making me confused.
"Do you really hate me?" His voice became quiet.
Do I really hate him? He is a stubborn jerk, who I get very mad at most of the time, but do I hate him?
"Sometimes, why?" I asked. He looked down and shifted his feet nervously.
"Can you feel it?" He ignored my question.
"Feel what?" He was really confusing me. He suddenly started walking to me till he was only inched away.
"This." He reached his hand up to stroke my cheek and sparks suddenly went off. I quickly backed away, not expecting that.
"No.. It can't be." I said in shock. It can't be him, it just can't.
"Mine." A low growl came from his throat. The way be said it, I knew his wolf was talking.
"Joe, Joe, Joe!" A voice called my name and I opened my eyes to see Gage in front of my desk.
"Let me sleep." I muttered and closed my eyes again.
"I'll carry you." He warned. I groaned but didn't open my eyes. I heard him sigh and suddenly I was picked up bridle style. Tingles shot through me, soothing my before I could open my eyes. Sleep over took me, even if I wanted to get up.
Next thing I knew I woke up it my bed. Crap, when did I get here? The last thing I remember... Oh goodness! Freaking Gage carried me bridle style around school while I was asleep! I'm gonna kill him!
I got out of bed and stormed downstairs to see Danny and Gage talking.
"You!" I pointed at Mr. Alpha who stared at me in horror. I stomped over to him and slapped him on the cheek. The impact send his head facing to the side and his cheek red.
"Joe! I said not to get on his bad side!" Danny told me.
"Too freaking bad! He deserved it!" I yelled.
"You were asleep! How else were you going to get home? I could have just left you there to be at school all night!" Gage shouted.
"Don't. Mess. With. Me." I growled in a low tone. By then we were both shaking, about to go wolf.
"Joe, calm down." Danny whispered in my ear.
"Danny, move." I instructed him, already knowing I couldn't stop shaking. Gage suddenly got ahold of himself and picked me up, again, racing me outside. Lucky for us, our house was on the outside of town, so the woods were right behind the house.
"Put me down, butthole!" I screamed at him, hitting him in the chest. When we were out of sight from houses, he finally set me down.
"Calm down Joe!" Gage told me.
"Move!!!!" I growled. I could already feel my bones shifting as my wolf form took over. I managed to push Gage out of the way before I fully shifted into my dark gray wolf. Aw, I really liked that outfit! At least Gage took my jacket off me before putting me in bed. I turned to look at him to see him staring at me with something in his eyes. I rolled my eyes, which probably looked weird. I barked at him, since I don't have a mind link with him. He snapped out of whatever trance he was in and took off his shirt.
"Change back, my shirt is big enough for you to wear." He directed me. There was no way I was changing in front of me! When I didn't change back, he signed and turned around. I changed back, keeping my eyes on him the whole time and quickly put on his shirt. Dang, it went down to my knees!
"You can turn around now." I told him. He turned around and I swear his eyes came out of their sockets.
"Um, let's um, go back." He stuttered.
"You okay?" I asked, he was acting weird.
"Um, yeah. Let's just go back." He turned around and headed back to the house.
"I'm still gonna get you back." I warned him.
"I think I'm a little scared, cause you're pretty strong." He said. I chuckled, never though I would scare the big bad Mr. Alpha. We finally reached the house and I ran upstairs to change. Hmm... Gage smells really good. Whoa Joe, where the heck did that come from?
"Hey sis, you still alive in there?" Danny called through the door.
"Yeah, just umm fixing my hair." Okay, that was a total lie, and I'm pretty sure he even knew it.
"Ooooo! You got a date?" He laughed. I opened the door and slapped his shoulder.
"No, is Mr. Alpha still here?" I rolled my eyes when I said Mr. Alpha.
"He's still here, mom invited him for dinner." He replied.
"Ugh, can't I just eat in my room?" I whined.
"Nah." He grinned and dragged me into the kitchen.
I can tell you, dinner was, umm, awkward. I glared at my food the whole time while Gage tried to talk to me. He wouldn't even give up! Even after dinner he kept trying to talk to me. I was soo close to punching him in the face, but was able to stop myself. So mow I was in the middle of Skyping with Alex.
"So I was right, he likes you!" He screamed.
"Nope, it's just the opposite of that." I sighed.
"Joe! I need to talk to you!" Gage suddenly knocked on my door.
"It's open!" I called. The door opened, revealing a nervous looking Gage who froze when he saw Alex.
"Who's that?" He asked.
"I'm Alex! Joe's boyfriend!" Alex told him. I would soo beat the crap out of him if he was here.
"What?!? You have a boyfriend?!?" Gage yelled. I certainly didn't expect that..
"No! This is Alex, my best friend." I glared at Alex you smiled sheepishly at Gage.
"I'm too sexy." Alex said. I sighed and rolled my eyes, he's stupid.
"Don't worry Mr.- umm Gage, he's gay." I explained, remembering Alex wasn't a werewolf. Mr. Alpha relaxed a little, but still a little tense.
"Yeah, you wouldn't happen to be on my team, would you?" Alex wiggled his eyebrows at Gage, who now looked creeped out.
"Fat chance sexy, I'll talk to you tomorrow." I chuckled.
"Okay, bye! Love ya!" He smirked.
"Love you too!" I rolled my eyes and closed my computer.
"That was, um, interesting." Gage said.
"Haha, he likes my brother." I told him. He looked at me with a grossed out look.
"Didn't really need to know that." He sat down on the end if my bed.
"Haha, so Mr. Alpha, what do you want?" I asked.
"Oh, um, nevermind, I'll tell you tomorrow." He got up and started heading toward the door.
"Okay. Oh, can you pick me up in the morning?" I questioned, remembering my car is still at school.
"Yeah, sure. Night Joe." He opened the door.
"Night Mr. Alpha." I called as he shut the door. For some reason now, I couldn't wait till tomorrow.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes!