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Veritaserum Game
So the game begins
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So the game begins

Malfoy sent a glare at Harry and then began to pace in front of the solid brick wall. A white and black door appeared out of the once solid brick wall standing out against the dark grey brick. He grabbed the door handle and held it open for everyone. As I walked in Malfoy winked at me and sent me this HUGE smile. Wait… a smile? I’ve never seen him smile before; he actually looks really good when he smiles it makes him look more sex- whoa I did not just think that! He’s a git Hermione a foul ugly little ferret. As we walked in I stopped and gapped at the amazingly beautiful decor. The room was full white wash white with a black finish. 2 white couches faced each other both covered in black and white striped pillows. A black and white shag rug lay upon the floor, under a black mahogany coffee table. Placed upon the table were 10 viles of Veritaserum next to each was a name placement card. We all walked over to the table and found our names in order: Draco and me, Blaise and Ginny, Ron and Pansy, Theo and Daphne, Harry and Luna. I rolled my eyes as I sat down next to Malfoy. He slung his arm behind me so that it rest across my shoulders landing on my arm, I gently pushed it off.

“So I guess you can all assume what’s in the viles… right bottoms up!” malfoy said with a smirk throwing back the vile and swallowing its milky contents. We all followed suit and then the clock by the door rang 8 o’clock and the game officially began.  

Me and Malfoy played rock paper scissors to see who went first- ending with him winning.

“ Ok granger, truth or dare?”


“Ok, so, um… Granger, if you could… have someone in the room take you on an ALL expenses paid shopping spree but they had to pick out ALL of your clothes who would you pick why and why not?”

I sneered at Malfoy’s question and I almost thought to lie and then all of it just came tumbling out,” Well I wouldn’t pick Ginny because she would put me in revealing outfits- Ginevera don’t give me that glare you know it’s true- ok and I wouldn’t pick Harry because he’s my brother and he would try and cover me all up. No to Theo too not after 5 months ago- ughh get that smirk off your face you arse- NO pansy either I still don’t trust you that much. Daphne you have good taste but were not the closest of friends. Blaise you have awesome taste and were ok friends but I wouldn’t want to go with you for certain reasons that I think some people would rather not have said. Ron just No sorry but your taste SUCKS! I guess I would have to pick you...You arse face! The reason being is you have the best taste of the group, you won’t lie to me, your bank account is huge, I wouldn’t mind using up all your money, and I wouldn’t care if I modeled lingerie for you because I don’t like you, you don’t like me and I wouldn’t have you gawking at my DD’s! There you happy Ferret Face!” I finished with a huff crossing my hands over my chest.

Everyone was looking at me and a range of faces were made form disgust, anger and of course that stupid smirk!!!