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Moment In Time ~Finished~
Story published July 26, 2012 · updated October 3, 2012 · completed · 412 pages · 107,931 readers · 1,742,023 reads
2. Mommy Direction
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2. Mommy Direction and Tattoos

         The guys were impressed. I had cleared three plates of Harry's spaghetti. Niall had tied with with me. I was his new best friend apparently, and he was serious. Right now, the boys were goofing around in the living room, while Liam and I washed the dishes. First day here, I made a new 'best friend' and was already being used as a slave. But I did it without complaining. I continued to dry off the plates with the dish rag in my hand. The boys were still wrestling until I heard a crash. Then it went quiet, and I mean you could probably hear the earthworms under the house. Liam and I both uh-ohed and walked into the room.
All of them turned to Liam as he entered the room. We didn't see anything that had broken yet, but they all instantly pleaded for him not to get mad. They were like a bunch of five year olds, all blaming the other one, and not telling the truth. Liam asked what happened. They went on rambling about how they didn't mean to do it. Liam was getting annoyed with their lying.
"What broke?!" They all looked at each other and parted to show a picture frame on the ground. It was cracked with a few pieces of glass on the floor. Liam shook his head and walked over to the picture frame bending down to pick it up. He sighed heavily as he picked up the glass. He was about to say something, but I cut him off.
"Really? You're getting upset over a picture frame? I'll just go buy another one!"
"Casey, you don't understand. They cant just rough house all the time and not have consequences."
"Who ever said there weren't any consequences?" A devilish grin crept over my face. The four boys in front of me actually looked scared. Liam lifted an eyebrow.
"How so?"
"Well, Niall, since you are redder than a tomato, you will be forced into coming with me to get a knew picture frame without any snack breaks." His jaw dropped and put his head down. I turned towards the rest of the boys. 
"I want a written apology to Liam and I. I want it in my hands by the time I get back. If I don't? I'm going to have to be forced into doing something drastic." They all looked at me and nodded vigorously. Liam was standing off to the side with a smirk on his face and his arms crossed. I looked at him with an 'oh really' look. He saw it and asked, 
"Well, darling, i'm going to be eating you out of house and home, so you better get started on that grocery list." I smiled at him as he ran to the other room looking for paper and a pencil. I turned to the boys who were looking expectantly at me.
"Now, I trust that you will NOT do anything before I get back. I'm trusting you guys."
"Yes mommy!" They said it in unison, which made me smile. I grabbed Niall by the elbow and dragged him out to the car. I heard three pairs of feet running up the staircase, hopefully going to right that note.

Me and Niall went to the store to buy a picture frame. He probably had the attention span of a gerbil. He was all over the store showing me things that were unimportant. When he saw my frustration, he stopped and just followed me around. I looked around for ten more minutes, torturing poor Niall. I picked an almost identical frame and paid for it. We walked outside and were almost trampled by people with cameras. A stiff limbed Niall put his arm around my waist, which made instant butterflies practically fly out of my mouth. He guided us quickly to the car and jumped in. He buckled and sighed heavily. He turned to me and we burst out laughing. I shook my head and backed the car out of the driveway.
We were almost home when we passed a corner store. It was labeled ICE CREAM. Niall plastered his face to the window as we passed it. I sighed and pulled to the curb. He looked at me with the excitement of a six year old on Christmas. We got out of the car and went inside the the ice-cream shop. Niall practically ran to the counter and ordered. I came up behind him and paid for it. I didn't get any myself, but let Niall enjoy it. He got his vanilla ice cream in a cone and we left. I grabbed a few napkins on our way out the door, knowing what Niall was capable of doing. 
I drove us home, luckily, without to wipe up any spilt ice cream. I locked the car and walked through the door. I called up the stairs that I was home. Zayn, Louis, and Harry came pelting down the stairs with paper in their hand. I took Zayn's first and read it.

 Dear Casey,
       I am sorry about ruff housing and lying about who broke the picture frame. I swear that I didn't do it! Please forgive me?
I looked at him, one eyebrow raised. Is that really all he could say in forty-five minutes? I shrugged and stuck out my hand. A relieved expression crossed his face. He shook my hand and ran to the living room. I was actually feeling like their mothers. I smiled to myself and took Louis piece of paper. I was surprised that their was actually writing on it.

Dear Casey,
I am truly, truly sorry about lying to you. I didn't mean it. I don't want you to think that I am a bad person and very untrustworthy. I heard what you've been through. I am truly sorry about that too. Please forgive me? You and Liam are like our mommy and daddy. I swear i'll make it up to you. By the way...IT WAS NIALL'S FAULT!!                                                                                                                                


        The note almost brought tears to my eyes. Almost. I hugged Louis and told him he was forgiven. A big grin crossed his face and he ran after Zayn into the living room. Lastly, I looked at Harry. He had total confidence that I was going to forgive him. We'll see.
Dear Casey,
It was Niall's fault. End of story. Forgive me? >'.' -Hazza

        I looked at Harry. He looked at me. I raised one of my eyebrows. He started to panic. I shook my head and handed back the note.
        "You have one more chance. Or poof! There goes your hair!" I would never cut his hair, but it sure made him run up the stairs as fast as he could. I was about to go to the kitchen when I realized that Niall had been behind me the whole time.
        "You handled that well."
        "Don't try to sweat talk me, Horan. You aren't done yet." His face drooped in fake sadness. We walked to the kitchen together, seeing that the dishes hadn't been finished, I pointed to them.
        "You are going to help me wash dishes." He moaned and groaned, but we started to wash and dry them. He kept adding more and more soap to the sink. I kept telling him not to, but he said that he was the one washing them, and there wasn't enough soap. I rolled my eyes and continued drying the forks and knives that he handed me. Niall's face took on a mischievous grin. I caught it out of the corner of my eye. And before I knew, there was dish soap foam on the side of my face. 
        I exaggeratedly gasped and turned to face him. He was trying to hold back his laughter. The corners of my mouth turned up into a smile. I quickly scooped up the foam and flung it at him. He tried to block it but was too late. The friendly fire quickly escalated into a full force foam and bubble fight. I was behind the island with a  handful of bubbles. Niall was at the sink. He had a glass full of water and foam. He slowly leaned over the island without me knowing and poured the glass on my head. He giggled like a little school girl as I gasped and screamed. 
I stealthily crawled around the island as he was preoccupied with filling the glass with water and foam. I snuck up behind him and smashed the foam into his face. He turned to me and I couldn't do anything but laugh. He had foam smeared all on his face. He huffed and the bubbles around his mouth exploded into the air. Then he got a devilish look again. I yelped and tried to run, but I slipped onto the ground. Of course the kitchen floor was soaking wet. 
I fell hard, slamming my hip bone of the tile floor. I winced in pain. I didn't let Niall see, he was having to much fun. When he saw me fall he walked over to me and put his arm out.
"Truce?" he asked.
"Truce." I said in pain. He tried to help me up, but his socks slipped the water and he fell backwards, me on top of him.
"Oh, sorry!" I said as I crashed down on to him.
"Its fine." He said smiling at me. I awkwardly tapped his chest and smiled. I was about to get up when Louis walked in. First looking at the kitchen in surprise and then down at us, in even more surprise.
"Oh, did I interrupt something?" We were both looking at him. I sprang backwards, hands up. 
"Uh, no. No. We were just, cleaning the floor..." My excuse was terrible I know. I could feel the heat rising to the surface of my cheeks.
"With your bodies?" I laughed nervously, but Niall was squirming on the floor.
"Yep!" Louis shook his head and walked out of the kitchen. I smiled down at Niall and helped him up. Our hands lingered together. We both noticed and quickly let go, both of our faces turning red. He was going to say something, but I turned around quickly and grabbed some paper towels. He got the hint and took some, not saying what was on his mind. I went on the other side of the island and started mopping up the water with the paper towels. My gaze kept flicking over to him. What was my problem? I didn't have feelings for him! Could I?

*Niall's P.O.V* 

She kept looking over at me. She probably knew that I fell purposefully. Her cheeks were still pink. It looked cute on her. She kept fixing her glasses. They looked beautiful on her, but I kept my eyes forward, catching these things out of the corner of my eye. 
Her shirt was slightly wet, but I could feel the shirt sticking to my back. It was uncomfortable. Without realizing what I was doing, I stripped off my shirt and put it on the counter. Her eyes widened for a second, then quickly went back to work. She was working faster than I was, obviously wanting to be done. She was making her way around the the island, her sleeves rolled up. I couldn't do anything but watch as she moved the paper towel around the floor with her foot. But something caught my eye. There was writing on her wrist. A tattoo? 
Sure enough, there was. I couldn't quite make it out though. But it was definitely a tattoo. The only thing I could make out before she moved her arm was 'sing out';  .
I kept wiping the floor. The guys in the other room were hollering at the telly. I couldn't stop smiling as the look of Louis's face when he saw Casey on top of me. It was an accident, a planned one, that is. Casey was just about done. She picked up her paper towels and brought them over to the trash. She dropped one behind her. She through the ones in her hands away and walked back for the one she dropped. She bent down, her shirt slowly rising up. Something caught my eye again though. Next to her right hip bone was another tattoo. This one was different. This one made me smile. It was a four leafed clover. yonca-dovmesi- 4e601b1441363_large.jpg   

*Casey's P.O.V*

He had seen my tattoos. It wasn't a big deal, but he just stared. I could tell he was trying to read the one on my wrist, but I kept moving it away, to keep him guessing. But when he saw the clover, he just stared and smiled. That one was for luck. I was going to need it, living with these five goons. The only one he hands see was the one on my ribcage. That one was my favorite. The one that had the most pain. It was what I needed in life. More pain. I really didn't have it bad.         
Niall was still staring at me smiling. I didn't want to look at him. I didn't have feelings for him. I couldn't. That's my brothers friend, shirtless and well muscled, friend. Thats what he was to me too. Just a friend. A very highly attractive friend...
I tried to snap myself out of his trance. I was wiping the counters down when I heard someone shuffle into the room. I turned to see Harry with my note.
"Did you guys give Liam his?" Harry nodded. I took the piece of paper out of his hands. He smiled at Niall who was still wiping the floor.

Dear Casey,
Im really sorry about before. The rough housing that is. Please forgive me? I cant write apology letters very well...but I do know what will get you to forgive me though. I know you fancy Niall. ;) Forgive me yet?

I gulped and looked over the paper at him. He winked. I didn't do anything. Then he smiled and turned to Niall.
        "So Niall. I have something to tell-"
        "Thank you Harry for the letter. You are forgiven." I cut him off before he could tell Niall. Niall just looked confused and shrugged. He threw away his paper towels and clapped his hands together.
        "Am I done being your slave?"
"Uh, yeah. You can go watch TV or whatever." He nodded and walked out of the room. I turned to Harry who was still smirking.
"What the hell?!"
"Louis told me. He said you two were snogging in here."
"We were not! I slipped on the water and he tried to help me, but he fell too!"
"Sure he did, Cas." He walked out of the room smiling like an idiot. 
But what did he mean? Why would Niall fall on purpose? It didn't make any sense. Niall didn't like me. He couldn't. I couldn't like him either. Could I?

Living Room/Stairs: tumblr_m77jidJrvr1qeojxio1_500_large.jpg
Could she? Could she actually fall for Niall? Or was he just so darn attractive that he was pulling at her heart strings? THE WORLD MAY NEVA KNOW
JK you guys will know soon enough ;)
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"I'd Rather Be A Kid And Play With Paper Planes,
Than Be A Man And Play With A Women's Heart"

~Niall <3