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The Rebel (Rory Hawthorne Love Story)
Story published July 28, 2012 · updated August 5, 2012 · 22 pages · 637 readers · 5,130 reads
chapter three
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Chapter three

I looked at the pin the lady gave me. A Mockingjay. They're kind of like a slap in the face to the Capitol. I chuckled at the thought and walked home. I hate capitol. I hate their guts. I walked inside and went up to my room. I put my clothes in my closet then went sownstairs. i swung the basket in my hand. "PRIM!! KATNISS!!" i yelled prim came down with a black eye and the bridge of her nose was bruised. I made a 'yeiche' sound and took a step back. she glared at me then sat on the couch. Katniss came downstairs and sat with prim. "Do you have clothes for the reaping?" i asked. "Im not lending you anything!" prim huffed. "Oh hush up!" i rolled my eyes. I pulled out Prims dress and gave it to her. "Thats so pretty!" she squealed! I smiled and gave her the other things that go with it. She squealed again and ran upstairs with it. "You welcome!" i mumbled rolling my eyes. Katniss laughed and shook her head. I pulled out her dress. "You bought me that?!" she asked hugging me. "Yep" i smiled. "Thank you! so, so much!" she smiled. "Thats not all" i told her. I pulled out the 'accesories' that go with it. "Thank you Maisey" she says sincerely. "You welcome" i smiled. I walk back to my room and lay down. Im almost asleep when something hits my window. I walk over to my window when a pebble hits my head. "Really?" i mumble. "sorry Maisey, didnt see you" Rory chuckles. "If you're looking for Prim, shes the window next door" i say. "why would i be looking for prim?" he asks. "Nevermind." i said and smile. What i wanted to say was because everyone prefers my sister over me but that wouldnt go over well. "so, why are you at my window at..." i trail off looking for the clock. "... 10 PM?" i grinned. "Idk, just wanted to talk" he smiles. "Ok, meet me at the door" i said. he nods.

I walk downstairs and open the door. I let Rory in and walk to the kitchen. I grab two cupcakes and walk back to Rory. "Thanks" he says. "What makes you think this cupcakes for you?" we laugh. I hand it over and we walk upstairs. We go into my room then out the window, onto the ledge.

(second floor, window on the left.) 

I looked at Rory. What if he gets chosen at the reaping? What if i get chosen? Its my first year. Its Rory's first year. I guess he noticed i was worried because he put an arm around me. "You wont get picked. Its your first year." he said. "Im more worried about you, and Katniss, and gale" I explained, the tears welling up in my eyes. "What about Prim?" he asked chuckling. "She can go die in a hole for all i care" i laughed. We just sat there laughing for a few minutes. A sleepy prim opens her window. "For the love of God Maisey, Shut up!" she snapped. "Hi prim!" rory said chuckling. Her eyes grew wide the she quickly shut her window. Rory and I burst out in laughter. Then we see Gale walking up to the house. "Rory, why didnt you tell me you were here? You're lucky i didnt tell mom you left." gale said "Sorry gale, i shouldve told you." Rory apologized. Gale chuckled. "Its ok, but we should get back before mom notices we're both gone. Rory nods. Gale starts walking home. "Bye Maisey" Rory says hugging me. "bye Rory" i reply. he pulls away, kisses my cheek, then leaves. I just sit there smiling to myself for the next hour or so. suddenly, Prim comes out all dressed up. She looks around. "Wheres Rory?" she asks confused. I howl with laughter. I pat prim's pack then climb back into my room, spending the rest of the night with a huge smile on my face.

May the odds,
         Be ever in your favor.