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Moments for Life (Liam Payne Love Story) *Finished
Story published July 29, 2012 · updated November 17, 2012 · completed · 148 pages · 2,294 readers · 24,291 reads
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"And she willlll be loveed, and sheee willl be lo-o-woah, hi there." I said after I stopped singing to the song on my Ipod.  Liam had startled me by wrapping his arms around my waist and spinning me so I was facing him. I loved the song She Will be Loved, even if it was a little old. It was the most played on my Ipod.
Instead of answering me, Liam just looked deep into my eyes, almost like he was searching for something. After about a minute, I started to wiggle un-comfortably. "Whatcha doin...?" I asked slowly, raising one of my eyebrows. Liam snapped out of what ever trance he was in and smiled at me.

"Wondering why you've been in such a good mood today" he said smiling. I smiled back. It was true, I was in a really good mood today. It was the day after I had visited my parents, and we were still in Birmingham, but we would be leaving soon. Niall had run out to get some last minute Nandos, of course, Zayn had gone with him to make sure he didnt spend to much money, Harry and Louis were taking a nap and cuddling in the bunk room, and Melanie, who had been jamming out with me a second ago, had gone to the bathroom to get dressed and brush her teeth. There wasnt anything extraordinary about today, I just felt lighter, more free for some reason. Maybe visiting my parents really was what I needed.
        I didnt want to tell Liam, or anyone for the matter, where I was yesterday. I just felt they'd get mad I lied to where I was, or didnt tell them how sad I was.  I didnt want to ruin this almost perfect day by adding drama. So I gave Liam a simple 'I dont know' with a smile.

"Its good to see you so happy. You seemed so down the past couple days, for awhile, I thought it was me." Liam said shyly, looking up at me. The smile dropped off my face, and I felt bad. He recognized I was depressed? And thought it was because of him? Liam must know me better than I thought, and I already thought he knew me alot.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and inched closer to him. "Liam, it can never be you. I was just feeling a little down. If anything, you helped me get better. Just seeing you puts a smile on my face." I said, and kissed his lips, lingering on them a little longer than normal. He pouted when I pulled away, but smiled when he talked. 

"Thanks babe, you know I love you, and you can tell me anything right?" He asked, looking sincerely into  my eyes.

"Yes, and yes. I love you to sweety-cakes." I said, scrunching up my nose and pinching his cheek. Liam laughed. 

"I was hoping for something a little more romantic, but that'll do." He said, and barely got the words out before I kissed him again. Of course, Melanie chose that exact moment to walk out of the small tour bus bathroom. 

"Hey g-EW PDA, PDA!" She screeched, covering her eyes. I laughed and stuck my tongue out at her, but then realized her eyes were covered and she couldnt see me. "You are spending to much time with Louis" I joked, remembering he had the same reaction when he walked in on me and Liam. 

"Ya ya," Melanie said, "speaking of him, Im going to rip him of ma'man."

Liam and I laughed  as she walked into the bunk. Should be fun to see how that goes.


"So your coming to the concert tonight, right Audrey and Mel?" Zayn asked, not looking up from his phone. 

"Ya, pretty sure." We both said at the same time. The boys had a couple more performances in the UK, and then we would take a plane to North America. I was excited to meet some Canadian fans.

"YAY!" Niall clapped happily, coming from the bunk room with a bag of chips in his hands. Louis looked at the chips hungrily. "Niall..." he said.

"NO." Niall replied firmly, and Louis tried to grab the bag by jumping on Niall, but Niall dodged him and sprinted into the bathroom, where he locked the door. I had never seen the boy run so fast. While Louis nursed his scrapes he got from being kicked off Niall, I looked at Harry and Melanie. Liam, who's lap I was sitting in, looked to where I was looking as well.

"Hey you two, dont get to chummy." Liam said in a serious tone, but I could hear the tiny hint of teasing. Harry and Melanie were sitting on the floor, and even thought they had the whole floor to use, Mel was almost in Harrys lap. Harry was whipering things in her ear, and Melanie was slightly blushing. When Liam spoke up, she blushed even a darker red and scooted away from Harry. Harry gave Liam a glare. I laughed and looked away. I didnt get why those to just didnt admit they liked each other. There just to stubborn. 

**Skip to the concert**

The concert was going great. I was backstage with Melanie watching the boys do their thing, and even though I was seeing a side view of them, I was still having a great time. The music was good, and the antics the boys pulled were hilarious. Harry had gotten wedgied by Louis and Zayn during his solo and Niall at the moment was holding up some girls panties like he may try them on, to the delight of the fans. To soon though the concert came to an end, and the boys ran off stage.

"You did great babe!"I said, giving Liam a quick sweaty kiss.

"Thanks love!" He said, and he obviously wanted another one, but  being on stage under the hot lights for a long time made him sweat, and well, he smelt pretty bad.

"No more for you until you get cleaned up!" I said, and Liam pouted, but he went. Melanie had finished hugging Harry, and she was walking over. The only people I could see backstage were the tech crew, managers, and fans with backstage passes. The girls with backstage passes were whispering and looking at us, so me and Melanie decided to walk over.

"Hello girls, did you need anything?" I asked nicely. I didnt want to be rude, these were the boys fans after all.

The girls stopped whispering for a second, and looked over. Most of their faces brightened when they saw us. 

"OMG, you Liam and Harrys girlfriends!" A girl about 15 with long blonde hair and pretty grey eyes said. Melanie was about to deny she was dating Harry, I could tell, but I elbowed her in the side, making her shut up. 

"Ya, thats us." I said, giving Melanie a look, trying to tell her with my eyes she might as well be dating him. 

"You guys are so lucky!" Another girl said, standing beside the blonde one. "Whats it like being on tour with the boys?" She asked excitedly. I was really confused. Why was she so happy to see me? I thought Liam's fans would hate  me for taking away their 'husbands'. I guess I was wrong,  mostly.

"Its great," Melanie said. 

"Ya, its so fun. The boys can be pretty wild thats for sure, but we always have a good time." I finished. After that, we just talked to the fans. They were nice  and really funny, and alot of them I genuinely liked, but I couldnt help notice a small group of girls not saying anything, standing in the back of the large group, and giving me a glare every time I caught their eyes. Im sure Melanie noticed. At first I thought it was because we werent including them in the conversation, so when there was a break in the chatter, I turned my attention to them.

"So, where are you guys originally from?" I asked them, hoping just to start a conversation. The tallest girl of the four scoffed and rolled her eyes. 
"Obviously were from here, stupid." She said, and Melanie stopped talking to the first to girls for a second to listen.

The shorter girl beside her smirked. "Wow, shes not only ugly and fat, shes stupid to."

"Excuse me?" I asked quietly. Where was this coming from?

"Guys, be nice, none of thats true." The blonde girl who first talked to me said, but they turned on her too.

"Shut up blondie, she may as well know." The tall one said again. "You dont deserve Liam, your ugly and fat, and he can do so much better. Like, I dont even know what he sees in you. Your disgusting to look at." She sneered, and her friends nodded their heads in agreement. I was shocked. I didnt even know these girls, and they were already ripping on me. I guess this was my first dose of fan hate, and I had been mentally preparing myself for when I would first get some, but I didnt think it would be this bad. Those girls had no shame. They called me out in front of the true, nice fans, even Melanie.  I was glad I had decided to not get twitter. 

"I...uh..." I didnt know what to say. My brain was numb, I was shocked, Melanie looked like she was about to burst. The girl beat her to it though.

"Your a whore, and your probably only using Liam for his money and status.  No one replied after that, because the boys came out of their change room, dressed in sweats and comfier clothes. Upon seeing them, all the girls ran towards them, but not before the tall girl looked at me with a hateful gaze. 

Melanie put a comforting arm around my shoulders, and she was whispering something, but I didnt hear. My mind was already lost in what the girl had said to me. 

A//N: No homework tonight! WOOOO! Anyways, so I updated, been awhile, not really, but I updated! Hope you enjoy, sorry I havnt been updating as much, schools been crazy, like really crazy. Got no sleep last night cause I was doing homework, so I fell asleep in class today, and I got in trouble:( Oh well, heart share and follow please! It Gracens and I s first goal to receive 100 hearts! Please help us make this goal a reality♥ 


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