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I'm the Wolf Girl in the Family *Embry Call Love Story*
Story published July 31, 2012 · updated May 23, 2013 · completed · 107 pages · 16,324 readers · 291,503 reads
17th Birthday
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17th Birthday

Embry is now 17, just so y'all won't be confused.
Now on with the story

~Next Week, Jen’s birthday~

I slowly woke up to see my dad coming in my room, singing happy birthday.
“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jen, happy birthday to you.”
I smiled as he sat on my bed, with mini cupcakes (I asked him for mini cupcakes for my birthday, no big cake or regular size cupcakes), and two presents, one wrapped and one in a bag.
“Happy Birthday, Jen,” he handed me both the presents, “the one wrapped is from your mom and the one in the bag is from me.”
I grabbed the bag one and opened it, seeing an iPod touch. I smiled and gave him a hug, “thanks dad. You must have saved a lot to get it.”
He smiled and hugged me back, “your welcome. And don’t worry, some people chipped in.” We broke the hug.
I smiled and opened the mom’s gift. She sent me some books that I might enjoy and two plane tickets to Florida.
“Why did mom send me two plane tickets to Florida?” I looked at dad.
He shrugged, “you can always call her and ask her about them.” After that was said, he left my room.
I got up from my bed and grabbed my phone. I looked through my contacts for mom’s number. When I did, I called her.
(J- Jen, M- Mom)
M- Hi baby. Happy birthday.
J- Hey mom and thanks. Also thank you for the books.
M- Your welcome Jen. I figured you would like them.
J- Yeah, I will like them. Oh, I have a question: why did you send me two plane tickets to Florida?
M- Well, I want to see my little girl and her boyfriend.
J- Let me guess, either dad or Bella told you.
M- Your dad did actually. He said that he is a nice boy and he also said that he likes him better then Edward.
I smiled at that. How different can Edward and Embry be, minus that one is a vampire and the other is a werewolf.
M- What is his name?
J- His name is Embry Call and he is nice and sweet.
M- Well I can’t wait to meet him.
J- You will love him as well, mom.
“Jen,” I turned around and saw dad at my door, “Embry is here.”
I nodded my head, “okay and thanks dad. I love you.”
He nodded his head and smiled, “your welcome and love you too.” He walked away from my room and back downstairs.
J- Got to go mom. Embry is here.
M- Okay baby girl. I love you.
J- I love you too and thanks again for the presents.
M- Your welcome.
I hung up and went downstairs to see Embry at the door in a pair of nice jeans, nice shirt, and nice shoes.