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What are we again?
Story published July 31, 2012 · updated August 25, 2012 · 14 pages · 37 readers · 205 reads
Aria Montgomery
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Aria Montgomery


Name: Aria Nicole Montgomery                                                                      

Age: 15

Fav Color: Lime Green and Neon Blue

Fav Animal: Koalas!! :P

Fav Music: Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative

Fav Singers: Young the Giant, M83, Grouplove, the Fray, Script, Coldplay

Hi guys, I’m Aria, Aria Montgomery. I am a sophomore at Oak Ridge High School. I love to be creative, but I suck at arts and crafts! I am more of a quiet person in school, until you get to know me. Sometimes, I get too carried away in school and people call me a dork for it. I’m very spunky and hyper. Just to let you know, I love Australians! Anyway, I have to go soon because I’m going with my friends and family to California, on the coast, at our beach house. So then we can so swimming with hot guys! Well I guess I’d better go pack. Talk to you later. Oh and by the way, I live with my mom, my friend Carson, and my adopted (not really) sister, Audrina. My dad died from cancer before I was born.
Thanks for reading my cuties!