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The REAL Story Of Rapunzel
Story published August 1, 2012 · updated 3 months ago · 128 pages · 5,080 readers · 32,819 reads
The Truth. (Prolou
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The Truth. (Prolouge)

The truth of the matter is, everything anyone has ever told you about Rapunzel is wrong.
Starting with Rapunzels gender.
Rapunzel wasn't a girl, he was a boy!
And there was no evil witch,
but a raven haired evil wizard, who lived in a tower in the middle of a cursed forest.
What your about to read is what really happened, before the story was changed so many centuries ago.
A story about a beautiful young boy, called Rapunzel.
I'd drag you down to hell with me before I'd let you through heavens gates without me. I'm simply just that selfish.