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Following In Their Mom's Footsteps (Sequel to A Woman's Drea
Story published August 1, 2012 · updated May 4, 2013 · 24 pages · 405 readers · 1,345 reads
The Past Affects T
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The Past Affects The Future

  10 years later, I'm still married to the love of my life, Nick Groff. And my 4 kids are in high school, and my stepdaughter Annabelle is in her 1st year of high school. I got a job working in the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan. While I was working at my desk, I get a call from my son Nick's school. Principal Marks tells me "Mrs. Groff, your son was caught beating up a male and female student in the hall today.""What is he getting for this?" I asked. He told me that Nick was getting a 10-day suspension. I said "Thanks for calling Principal Marks; I'm going to pick up my son right now." When I picked him up, he looked very furious.I asked him "What happened in school today?" "I beat up my ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend." I told him "You're grounded for a month and no computer for 2 weeks." he got mad, and stayed silent the whole ride home. When we got back to the penthouse, I get a call from my daughter Annabelle. She asked me "Can you text Maria, so she can give me a ride to cheerleading?" "Sure hon.

Later in the evening, my husband Nick comes home. I asked him "Can you talk to our son; he got in trouble once again." "Sure Maria." he replied. I know that he'll try to calm down our son. At dinner, Maria told me "Mom, Annabelle and I are on the cheerleading team!!!" "Awesome honey, we're going on a family vacation to LA the week after you get out of school.""Awesome!" Maria and Annabelle shouted. My sons Nick and Mark were not too excited about the family vacation were taking. I don't want my daughter & stepdaughter to follow in my footsteps,when I was 18.

The next day, I get a call from the police. The officer told me that our son Mark was murdered by an unknown assailant. I started to cry my eyes out. Nick woke up to me crying. He asked me "What's wrong Maria?" "The police found our son's body, a block from the Freedom Tower." he had a shocked reaction on his face. What was I going to do with the money? Arrange it for my son Mark's funeral next Saturday. I was shocked on how he left the apartment. I think this was my stalker ex-friend Gloria's work. She wanted to get back at me by killing my 2nd son I had. I wanted to rid of her, by putting her in an insane asylum, so she'll leave me and my family alone.

1 week later, it was my son's funeral. I wore all black, and had a picture of him with his girlfriend Marcy. While Nick was driving us to New York Memorial Cemetery, I get a text from an unknown number.The text read "Now I'm your worst nightmare forever. GM ”I knew this was Gloria, I deleted it.When I was sitting in my seat, I heard a voice in my ear say "I love you very much Mom." I knew this was my son's voice. Nick made a speech for my deceased son. He said "My stepson Mark was an awesome person to know in my life. His spirit will live on forever." When I put my rose on his grave, I saw someone in all black. I know this was Gloria. Why was she at  my son Mark's funeral? To see the pain in me and Nick's family? I wanted her to leave me & my family alone 

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