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Beautiful accident
Story published August 3, 2012 · updated November 23, 2013 · 54 pages · 205 readers · 1,840 reads
Sam Catcher
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Sam Catcher

Yo, My name is Samuel Catcher, Just call me Sam.
I got my powers about a year ago.. Later then others but oh well, Im 19.
I am in a group called Hero Maniac.
I have trapping powers. When someone is running away I create an impossible obstacle.
Now i need to make friends, But im the new guy so, It's hard.
I've seen a girl I find interesting always hanging around...
She has red hair and red eyes..
Others have noticed her too.
Anyway, My family is alive, i see them once in a while, i dont have any siblings.
No one really knows me.. And i dont feel like telling myself to abunch of strangers.. Bye.

Hey! I would really like it if you could comment on my story and tell me how to fix the stuff i screw up on? And if you do like the story maybe you could favorite and follow? Thanks! enjoy!