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Clarvel Fanfic.
Story published August 4, 2012 · completed · 1 page · 761 readers · 1,050 reads
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I looked across at Marvel, a smirk reaching both our faces as Cato leant down to start a fire. Glimmer caught on to our exchanged looks, a confused look on her face. To shock her I looked at her and seductively  bit my lip, her face grew from confusion to worry. She shook it all off, and turned to face Cato. “Want me to get some more wood for the fire?” she attempted to say in her deepest, calmest voice, trying to make Cato think she was worth something. “No need, there is enough here, plus we don’t want to startle lover boy with the smoke.” Cato glanced at Peeta with a face that showed no remorse for what he had done to him. I opened one side of my jacket to reveal a secret stash of different knives. “Shall I just finish him off now?” I asked awkwardly to anyone who was listening. Marvel buried his head in his lap, “No, we need him if we stand any chance of finding Katniss.”  He sighed, as if to say that I was stupid.

“Okay I need some rest, Glimmer, you and Clove on watch?” Cato asked.

“No I am going to collapse from exhaustion if I don’t sleep anytime soon!” Glimmer sounded almost shocked as she said this.

“Right well Clove? You and Marvel got a few hours before we wake up, so protect the food, kill any unwanted guests, you know the usual protocol.” Cato sounded bored.

Glimmer was soon out and Cato soon followed. “So for the first time we are completely alone.” I glanced at Marvel before running to a tree at the edge of our camp and sat down, resting my back and head on the trunk. He soon followed and sat down opposite me, “Yeah, I’m guessing this will be the only time, due to Glim-“ I interrupted him with.

“I’m not an idiot you know. I’ve seen the looks Glimmer has been throwing our way. She’s catching on and it won’t be long before she runs to tell Cato. I don’t see why we are all so afraid of him anyway?” I already knew the answer deep inside.

“Because you and I both know if he wanted he could snap both our necks within 30 seconds and we’d be dead!” He shouted.

“Shh keep your voice down or he will wake up and we will most definitely be dead! I reckon we have got a maximum of 3 days left, before Cato finishes us off. He doesn’t need anyone to survive, and he knows there can only be one victor.” I whisper to Marvel.

Silence then takes over but what more is there to be said. We have to all tiptoe around Cato because one wrong move could end up with our cannon going off. We’ll take each day at a time, and I ask Marvel to promise that we won’t give up on each other, to which he links pinky finger with mine and whispers “I promise.” Into my hair. He promised, and I know he doesn’t go back on his promises…