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Your Vampire Love Story One Direction Style
Story published August 4, 2012 · updated August 9, 2012 · completed · 9 pages · 5,124 readers · 14,593 reads
Niall Horan
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Niall Horan

My name is Candi May Thompson. I'm 18 years old today. Today is the day that my life will change forever. You see, I'm about to become queen. Right now, I'm a vampress, vampire princess. My father is retiring today. I was in my red velvet dress and had on my tiara that would soon change into a crown. My father walks in and says it's time for me to go downstairs. I join my father as we walk down the spiral staircase. I saw a blonde headed fellow with red eyes. Must be a new comer. I've seen every vampire and I have yet to see him. After I was granted my crown, I walked up to him. 

"Your highness." he said then bowed down to me.   
"Oh please do not do that to me unless it is in front of my father." I said
"Yes madam."
"What is your name?"
"Full name." I said
"Niall James Horan." he said
"Well Niall, how long have you been one of us?" 
"Just two weeks."

From then on out, Niall and I kept our relationship a secret from my father. I was not allowed to date any vampires nor humans because of me being the queen. My father still made the decisions. Just for Niall to stay close to me, he became my bodyguard. My father didn't want me to get hurt, nor anyone kill me because the ones who choose to be the killers, are no longer part of the vampire family. The killers will come after me one day, they did to my mother. Niall and I were in my room about to have sex, when my father walks in and gets furious.  Next thing you know, Niall and father are fighting. Niall breaks my father's neck, and kills him. He looks at me with sorrow in his eyes.          

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill him. I was just so angry at him." Niall said 
"Right now, I don't care. We have to go, or both of us die." I said

We were now vampires who were on the run and wanted. About 200 years later, Niall and I return. I retake my place as queen and Niall takes his place as king. All of the vampires were our children. Even the new ones. So that's my vampire love story.