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Your Vampire Love Story One Direction Style
Story published August 4, 2012 · updated August 9, 2012 · completed · 9 pages · 5,172 readers · 14,701 reads
Zayn Malik
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Zayn Malik

Everyone in my town knew that vampires existed because my dad is a vampire hunter. He never really wanted to kill vampires because he didn't really care about it. That was until about 5 years ago when I was about 13. My mom was working late at the hospital, because they were super busy and needed my mom there to help. When she was walking to her car, she was attacked by a vampire. They showed the security video all over the news. I just ignored people when they asked me about how I felt now that my mom was now a vampire because they never found her body and they just assumed that she was one. After that had happened, no human was allowed to be out in the streets past sundown which is usually around 9:30. My dad had got a call for a vampire being at the mayors office and trying to kill him. He was the first to be called and the first to arrive. I was scared. A lot of things could go wrong, I lost one parent already, I didn't want to loose another. I decided to be a rebel tonight and go for a walk. It was about 10:30 and no one was out and about. I could see people looking through their windows at me and then holding up a lighted cross that had been provided to everyone whom was mortal. Is this really what happens to the vampires? Was this what might happen to my mom? I went to the park and started walking on the trail. Their was a little breeze, so I put my hair down, then put my hood up. I was scared.  I was about half way done with the trail, when 2 vampires just jumped in front of me. I was scared now more than ever. I was going to die. 

"Well, well, well, look at what we have here. A little human out past curfew?" one of them said
The other one sniffed the air as the wind blew, 'A little virgin human out past curfew." he smiled at me
"Virgin blood eh? Best blood to suck dry."
"You don't scare me." I said. Big mistake
The first one pretty much flew at me and pushed me up to a nearby tree. "I can kill you with just one bite."
I looked at him and said, "My mom died from a vampire and my dad is a vampire hunter, kill me just like the way your kind killed my mother."

He was about to bite me when, he just got pushed away.

"Dammit Zayn. All you want is to have humans huh? You already had one way back when. Back in 1890, stop protecting them." 
"If you two go anywhere near them again, I'll kill you. Got Jordan and Jaston? GOT IT?" I'm guessing Zayn said
"It's 2012, stop living in 1890, be a vampire Zayn. Be a vampire."

With that said, I'm guessing whom where Jaston and Jordan, left more like flew away. I looked at him, why have he saved me. 

"You should go home Victoria, not safe for you out here." he said I looked at him, how did he know my name?
"How do you know my name?" I asked
"I know your mom okay? She asked me to look out for you."
"My moms alive? How do you know my mom?"
"Yes your mom is alive and I was the one who attacked your mom. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I wasn't myself that day." he just looked at me 
"Will you take me to my mom? Please? I....I need to see her. I haven't seen her since I was 13, I'm 18 now." I begged him
"Victoria, I.....I can't let you get hurt. Just go home." 
"Why do you care about me so much?"
"Because." he said
"Because why?" I asked, more like demanded him.
"Because I love you." 
"You don't remember do you? Think Victoria, think."

It hit me. It was Zayn Javvad Malik, I fell for him when I was about 15. I can't believe that I forgot. He was captured by my dad, but my dad soon let him go because I walked into the basement right before my dad killed Zayn. After that, he became my best friend. He left me a note one night and I never saw him again after that. I looked at him remembering word by word what he had told me. 

"My dearest Victoria, 
I am so sorry for not being able to stay with you longer. I must go because you are in grave danger because the other vampires figured out that I had fell in love with a human. Yes Victoria I am in love with you. I was born in 1871, I got bit about 19 years later. I had a girl friend and I could not protect her. She died because I was in love with her and the other vampires didn't like that idea. Please don't forget about me dear. One day I will return to see where we will be. 

-Zayn ♥

"I remember." I said and then hugged him like to tomorrow. 
He hugged me back the same and said, "I love you Victoria."
"I love you too Zayn." we kissed for the first time ever, it felt so right.

I left my dad a note saying that I didn't want to be in this situation anymore and that I will call/write when ever I can. About 2 years after Zayn and I left, he changed me. We got married and had children. My father died many years later from a heart attack and I attended the funeral. I was glad that I was with my mother and I can be with her forever now. I just wish that my dad would have been here. Well, this is my vampire love story. Confusing maybe. That is for you to decide.