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Black Butler (Truth or Dare)
Story published August 6, 2012 · updated February 24, 2013 · 21 pages · 561 readers · 2,781 reads
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Hope (Me): *Poofs out of nowhere* Hey people whats up?

Alois: Hey Hopester!

Me: Don't call me that, Aloisa!

Alois Don't call me that!

Me: Whatever where is Ciel? 

Ciel: Behind you.

Me: *turns around and hugs Ciel* Ciel!

Ciel: Hey Hope!

Alois: Hey. Don't forget bout me!

Me: Could never do that. *Lets go of Ciel* Alois! Turn around!

Alois: *Turns around* Why do you want me to turn around?

Me: So I can do this. *Jumps on Alois's back and giggles* Hey who's still not here?

Sebastian and Claude walk in right then.

Me: Welcome!

Ciel: We are missing Lizzie, the demon triplets, Hannah, Grell, Ash, Pluto, and I forgot whom else.

Me: Drocell, Will, Ronald, Prince Soma, and Agni, too.

Alois: Finny, Bard, Mey-Rin, Tanaka, Lau, Ran-Mao, and Undertaker. That's it.

Everyone we just named off walk in smiling.

Lau: Sorry we are late.

Me: You had better be!

Lizzie: Um..... Hope why are you on Alois's back?

Me: *Realizes I'm still on his back and jumps off blushing* Cause I was bored and waiting for you guys.

Lizzie: Uh huh, sure. I believe you.

Me: Lizzie be quiet! We need to start anyways.

Undertaker: Why are we here?

Me: Truth or Dare game! >:D

Grell: Oh fun.

Me: All we need are letters. So please send letters! :D

Everyone else: Yes please send us letters. :D