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One Direction Bromance One Shots
Story published August 6, 2012 · updated 10 months ago · completed · 92 pages · 16,653 readers · 151,891 reads
Its a Love Story -
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Its a Love Story -Niam-

Before you read this, you should know it is a NIAM story, which is Niall Horan and Liam Payne, so yes, if you don't like that then I'd advise you to leave now :) Thanks, and enjoy!! 

Niall sat on his bed, his back against the headboard, his eyes closed. he was lightly strumming on his guitar, subconsciously playing 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift. He had on his mind; one person. One person with deep chocolate brown eyes and light brown hair. 
 One thing you should know about Niall is that he is openly gay. He realized shortly after being chosen to be part of as boy band, when he began experiencing peculiar feelings towards his best friend and fellow band mate, Liam Payne. 
 It was thoughts of Liam that filled Niall's head as he mindlessly strummed out the song. He could never tell Liam how he felt, for Liam was straight. Or so he thought. 

Liam was sat alone in the music room, casually playing the piano. He was playing 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift, softly singing the words. Images of him and the love of his life played in his head like a film. 
See, Niall wasn't the only gay member of the band. Liam was too, and Liam was madly in love with Niall, not that he would ever reveal these secret feelings. He kept them locked away inside his head, only letting his fantasies run wild at night when he was sleepy and alone. 
 Neither boy knew of the others love, nor thought it existed. They were both too nervous to admit their true feelings.
Liam finished his song and decided to take a quick shower. He left the room and walked down the hall, passing Niall's room. He stopped outside when he heard the soft guitar chords. Niall softly sang the words, once exchanging the word 'you' with 'Liam', oblivious to the boy stood behind his door. 
Liam was shocked to hear his name come from the Irish boy, so he just stood there, listening to the soft angelic voice floating out of the bedroom. He didn't even realize Niall had stopped until footsteps could be heard moving towards the door. Liam turned and ran as silently as possible to the bathroom. Minutes later, once Liam had recovered from the shock, he heard a sharp knock on the bathroom door. 
"Hello?" He called out, realizing he hadn't told the lads he wanted to shower. 
"Liam?" An Irish accent asked. 
"Yeah, s'up Niall?" 
"I need to use the toilet and Larry has taken the downstairs one, doing whatever those idiots do in there" Liam chuckled at his friends words, before slowly opening the door. 
There he stood, only 5ft 7, his beautiful blue eyes sparkling brightly, his blonde hair perfectly imperfect. Liam felt the beat of his heart getting harder, the sound echoing through his head. Niall flashed Liam with a grin, hiding the way he really felt about the tall boy stood in the bathroom doorway. 
Both boys resisted the urge to dive on the other as they moved passed each other.

Niall once again sat in his bedroom, in the same position as earlier, softly playing the same song. Shortly after finishing, he decided to stretch his legs, having been sat down for hours. As he left his bedroom, he crashed into something hard and wet. Looking up from the floor, he saw Liam looking down at him. Niall let his eyes flick over Liam's body. His hair was wet, sticking to his face. Little beads of water rolled down Liam's torso, only to stop at the towel wrapped firmly around his hips. Liam watched, a smirk on his face, as Niall studied his body, his eyes slowly flicking from the top of Liams head to the floor and back again. 
When the boys eyes met, they both saw something they had never witnessed before. Niall was staring at Liam with eyes full of passionate lust, while Liam stared at Niall with eyes filled with love and want. Before he could stop himself, Niall jumped up, slamming Liam against the wall and crashing their lips together. Liam was shocked as the seemingly shy Irish boy hungrily attacked his lips, forcing his tongue into Liams mouth. Once the initial shock had passed, Liam began to kiss back, putting all his love for Niall into that one kiss. 
 Liam decided he wanted to be in control, so he pushed Niall back, never breaking the kiss, blindly leading him into the nearest bedroom, which just happened to be Liams. He broke the kiss for a second to push Niall down on the bed, carefully climbing on top of him, pressing their lips together once again. Niall slowly shuffled out of his pants, chucking them to the side. His shirt and boxers soon joined the pile. Liam moaned as Niall removed the towel and chucked it onto the floor. 
Both boys moaned as their erections pressed against each other, the same thoughts running through both their minds. They had both wanted this for so long, and now, their dreams were being made into a reality. 

When Niall woke the next morning, he was confused. Why was he in Liams bed? He tried to sit up but was stopped by something strong that had a tight grip on him. Looking down, he saw Liam asleep with his arms wrapped around Niall. Memories of the night before flooded Nialls head. He had slept with Liam, his best friend, his band mate, the boy he had been in love with for 2 years. Sighing quietly, Niall rotated so he was facing Liam, the movement causing Liam to wake. His deep brown eyes filled with confusion as he wondered why Nial was in his bed. Last nights events came back to Liam, slowly clearing away the confusion. 
"what are we now Liam?" Niall whispered. Liam shrugged. 
"You belong with me Niall" Liam answered, making Niall blush. 
"I love you and thats all I really know" Niall sang softly, pressing his lips against Liams. When they pulled away from each other, both boys whisper sang the same line; 
"Its a Love Story, baby just say yes"  

Okay, so this is the first time I have ever wrote a bromance..... How was it, honestly? Do you think I should write more, if so, comment and let me know, I can do more Niam ones, but if you want, I can mix it up and do the other bromances too :) Just let me know, thanks xD