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One Direction Bromance One Shots
Story published August 6, 2012 · updated December 24, 2013 · completed · 92 pages · 16,986 readers · 154,609 reads
Spin The Bottle -N
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Spin The Bottle -Narry-

Hey!! HI!! Um.... Yeah Narry... I LOVE NARRY!! VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE TO NARRY SHIPPERS!!! OKAY... on with the story ;) 

Allowing Louis to pick how to spen a boring afternoon can, and WILL, never be a good idea. What possessed Zayn to make him think it was fine will forever be a mystery to the rest of the boys. They ended up playing a very odd game of Spin The Bottle. Louis said that the bottle was to be spun, obviously, and whoever it landed on had to do whatever the person who spun it said. If they didn't want to, for whatever reason, they had to take of an article of clothing. Louis dubbed the game as 'Dare or Strip' since he was still in the process of thinking of a cool name for it. Thats how the boys found themselves in a circle on the living room floor, with a glass bottle sitting in the middle of them.
"Louis, spin first since its your game!" Liam shouted, a little hyperactive from all the sugar he had consumed. He was drinking his 4th can of RedBull, eating his 3rd bag of Harribo jellies.
All eyes were on the little glass bottle as it spun round, every single person hoping it wouldn't land on them. Breaths were held as silence filled the room, all watching the bottle. Noboy was sure what Louis would make them do.
It finally slowed down, eventually stopping on Zayn. Everyone else sighed as Louis grinned and Zayn gulped.
"Right Zayn.... Start of easy, yeah? You have to go next door and sing 'I'm A Little Teapot' with actions to our neighbours." Louis said with a laugh. Zayn rolled his eyes.
"Fine..." Zayn stood up and they all followed to see if he woud do it. They watched as he walked over to their neighbours door and knocked loudly. Niall whipped out his phone as some guy answered the door.
All 5 of them, not counting Zayn, broke down laughing as Zayn did his dance, singing the song. Niall recorded it, mentally deciding it was going on Twitter. When Zayn finished, he bowed and the guy clapped.
Back in the boys flat, Zayn spun the bottle and watched as it landed on liam.
"I dare you too...... Open the window and scream out of it 'Anyone who wants sex, come to me!! I'm free!!" Zayn told Liam.
"OH, you have NO CHANCE!!" Liam yelled.
"Then strip!" Louis shouted. Soon the 4 boys were chanting 'Dare or Strip!'
"Fine! I'll do the damn dare!" Liam snapped, getting up and opening the window to the street, which was pretty crowded. He shouted the words, earning a few very odd comments. Everyone started laughing as Liam glared at Zayn, slowly spinning the bottle. This time, it stopped in Louis.
"Louis! I dare you to kiss everyone in this circle, then decide who is the best!" Liam chirped. Louis nodded.
"Do you all have to kiss back?" Louis asked. Liam nodded.
"Yeah, only so its fair!" Louis nodded again, slowly making his way around the circle. One by one, he kissed each boy, the kiss lasting exactly 60 seconds, Liam was timing. At the end, he placed a finger to him chin, humming to himself.
"I'm torn between Zayn and Niall" Louis stated, making the two boys blush. That staement made Harry angry. He wanted to kiss Niall. He wanted to be the one making the Irish boy blush.
"TIE BREAKER!" Liam yelled, clapping his hands. "Right, this time it has to be 2 minutes, full on make-out session!" Liam said with a smug look on his face. All 3 boys shrugged. Louis started with Zayn, then went to Niall.
"Still torn, they are both really good!" Louis whined, making Zayn and Niall blush. Liam sighed.
"Fine... Anyways, spin!" Louis laughed as he soun the bottle.

By around 6pm, they had been playing for hours, and Harry was down to his boxers, Niall and Louis shirtless, Zayn and Liam still fully clothed. It was now Liams turn to spin the bottle, having just finished belly dancing for the neighbour. The bottle slowed to a stop at Harry.
"Hmm Harry.... I dare you to make out with Niall for 5 minutes, Doesn't start till you get into it" Liam said to Harry, who nodded. He crawled over and placed himself on Nialls lap. He had wanted to do this for a while, but had never had the guts. Niall smiled as Liam counted down. The two boys slowly leaned in, their lips connecting. Harry started making it more intense by pushing his tongue into Nialls mouth. Liam then started timing.
The kiss was amazing. Both boys loved the feel of the others lips on theirs. They were so caught up in it, they missed Liam saying their time was up. They just kept going, the air around them getting hotter, the space between them no longer exsisting, the world around them no longer inportant. The other 3 lads got bored after another few minutes passed and decided to leave them to it.
Niall and Harry spent a whole 10 minutes sat on the floor, making out. Soon, the need to breathe overtook them and they reluctantly pulled apart. With their eyes still closed and their foreheads resting together, they began breathing heavily.
"Well, that was fun!" Harry said once he got his breath back.
"Yeah, wanna do it again?" Niall asked, his voice a little seductive.
"Sure, but lets go to my room" Harry said, hopping off Niall's lap and leading the irish boy to his bedroom. Harry pushed Niall on the bed before closing, and locking, the door and climbing over Niall. Almost instantly, their lips were reconnected, sparks flying everywhere, their tongues clashing viciously.
Whilst the kiss was getting more heated, Harry made a mental note to thank Louis for the game, and thank Liam for the dare. That dare changed his life, changed his heart, made him happier. He would hopefully remember all this later, if Niall didn't fill his head too much. But, you know Niall, he can be VERY seductive when he wanted to, and right now, he really wanted to be.

Meep..... Not my best, but it was fun to write.... dares were hard though coz I suck at making them up!! ANYWAYS!! Thanks for the comments... Hope you liked this one, please let me know!!
Keep requesting xD
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