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If I Had You (Adam Lambert love story)
Story published August 7, 2012 · updated October 19, 2012 · 12 pages · 456 readers · 3,111 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

                  I just want to hug and kiss him! AHHH!!!!! >>>

            I woke up in Corey's arms. I was starving but I couldn't get out of his grip without waking him up. After a while of struggiling I gave up. I looked up at him and then he fluttered his eyes opened. I pointed to his arms and he let me go. I walked into the kitchen and turned on the radio. With my luck For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert was on. I squealed and started singing along.
                                                                                 No escaping when I start
                                                                               Once Im in I own your heart
                                                                            Theres no way youll ring the alarm
                                                                                  So hold on until its over

                                                                         Oh, do you know what you got into?
                                                                         Can you handle what Im bout to do?
                                                                         Cause its about to get rough for you
                                                                            Im here for your entertainment 

                                                                Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet 
                                                                         Your fallen angel swept ya off ya feet
                                                                          Well Im about to turn up the heat
                                                                            Im here for your entertainment 
I smiled while singing the song thinking how awesome it is going to be meeting him. Well anyways, I was cooking breakfast and I felt arms snake around my waist. I smiled and turned around. I came face to face with Corey. I pecked his lips and turned around and started cooking again. He dug his face into my neck and I felt him smile. I smiled as I flipped pancakes.
         "I gotta go babe." He said as he walked out of the door. I smiled and heard my laptop ring. I turned off the stove and looked at it. I got a call from Skype. Before looking at the username, I clicked accept. Before I knew it, Adam Lambert's face appeared on the screen.
        "Hi! You must be the contest winner! I can't wait to meet you next week! What's your name sweetheart?" He asked smiling.
   I blushed. "M-m-mandy." I stuttered and mentally slapped myself.
        "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." I blushed even more.
        "Thank you. I can't wait to meet my idol." I said softly. He smiled.
        "That's such a great thing to hear. My boyfriend hasn't talked to me in a couple days and I'm getting worried." He frowned as he said it.
        "It's okay. I know how it feels. But you have me!" I said smiling.
        "That's good. I gotta go! Bye love." He said and then the screen turned black. I sighed and ate my pancakes. 
           After I was done eating I got dressed into this: I looked in the mirror and smiled in approval. I walked into my living room. I grabbed my purse and money and walked out and into my car. I drove torward the mall. I turned on the radio and to my luck, Adam Lambert was on!
 I smiled and mouthed the words. I opened my windows and blasted the song. Old people were staring at me as saying, "Aren't you to old for that?" I didn't care if I was 23 I had the mind of an 17 year old! 
        I parked into the parking lot and got out. I walked into the entrance and first went into American Eagle. I bought some sweatshirts and t-shirts. Then I went into the food court. I got in line and got Subway. I got my food and got a table. I was looking around when my eyes landed on a couple making out. He looked so familiar. Oh well. When they turned around I noticed it was Corey. My eyes started to tear up and he looked my way. His eyes got big and he ran over to me.
     "What are you doing here?" He said sounding annoyed.
     "What do you think! The question is why are you making out with another girl!" I yelled at him when the girl walked over.
     "Babe, what's wrong?" She said grabbing his arm.
     "He is cheating on you with me." I whispered. She looked shocked then mad. She let go of his arm and smacked him. 
     "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" He screamed at her.
     "For cheating on me!" She said.
     "And don't yell at her Corey!" I yelled at him. He stormed off and the girl sat down.
     "Thank you. And I'm so sorry! I didn't know!" She said crying.
     "Don't apoligize. He's a jerk. I'm Mandy." I said trying to get off of the subject. 
     "I'm Madison." She said smiling.
      After a while of talking me and her become really good friends. She is actually really sweet. She is 23 too and lives with her brother. I offered for her to sleep over so that makes plans for us.
                                                                             -----------------Later at her house--------------
We got in our pajamas and were watching movies. I was dressed in this: . We were watching The Woman In Black. She was scared easily so every time something happened she would scream. Which I thought was really funny. So I was laying on my couch laughing my head off. 
         "I'm tired night." She said as she got comfy under her blanket. I did the same and drifted off into sleep. Smiling as usual.