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My Girlfriend's little sister (Paul Lahote)
Story published August 8, 2012 · updated September 3, 2012 · 5 pages · 588 readers · 1,756 reads
My Girlfriends sis
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My Girlfriends sister

Name:Karlesha Maria Black
Parents:Billy Black and Sarah Black (Dead)
Siblings:Rachel Jacob and Rebecca Black
Likes:Drawing,Being in band,Paul Lahote,My bestfriend,Sports.
Dislikes:Being hurt and lied to,People that hurt my siblings
Bestfriend:Felicia Clearwater
Enemies:Bella Swan
Bio:Hi I'm Karlesha but call me Karly my bestfriend Felicia just got sent off for the summer:( So its me and the siblings for the summer.My sister's boyfriend hangs out over here all the time and lately I've started to take a liking to him.But he is my sisters boyfriend so that's a no go.Well my brothers calling I must go bye:)