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Sorrow and Pain Turned to Happiness and Love
Story published August 11, 2012 · updated November 13, 2012 · completed · 335 pages · 4,835 readers · 42,565 reads
Chapter Four - The
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Chapter Four - The Funeral

            I glanced at the clock and it read six forty-five, ‘I should get going‘ I told myself. I grabbed my school bag, which carried my funeral clothes and a speech that I would recite to everyone. I walked out of the common room and headed outside towards Hagrid’s hut and then waited patiently for Snape to show up. I looked up at the sky and it felt like both of my grandparents were looking down at me frowning and I knew exactly why and I intended to fix it tomorrow.

“Ready to go?“ Snape asked, my head snapped towards him and nodded.

“I do have a one question,“ I finally spoke; Snape faintly cocked his head to one side and waited for my question. “What is appration and how is it done?“ I asked. Snape held out his arm.

“Take my arm, don’t let go and you’ll find out,“ he answered. I hesitantly grabbed onto his arm tightly and felt myself being sucked in by something that couldn’t be seen. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t find my lungs but just as quickly as it started it ended and I stood face to face with my old house, I turned to see Snape and all I could see was his already pale face go even paler than before. I didn’t know a lot about him and my mom but I guessed that he was in love with her and I also guessed that this must’ve been really hard for him to do.

“ You know we don’t have stay here, we can go stay somewhere else instead,“ I offered. Snape’s sad face hardened and he walked straight into the house without stopping. I watched him go for a moment then decided to follow him inside. I stopped at the entry way, taking in the smell of my grandparent’s house and letting the memories flow inside me. I looked at Snape who had remained to keep his composure but in his eyes I could sense that he was in pain. I mentally smacked myself across the face and put on my hospitality face on and showed Snape to the guest bedroom and bade him a goodnight then went to my room, which had been my mother’s room. I set my backpack on my desk, sighed then laid down on my bed and once again cried myself to dreamless slumber.

            The next morning I got up early to get ready for the funeral, which was in the morning so that Snape and I could get back to Hogwarts. I went into my bathroom and started to curl my hair then I got in my clothes. For the funeral I found a plain black dress that my grandparent’s bought me when I turned tweleve last year. The dress had buttons on the front even though it didn’t need any buttons, it was there for decoration, the hem just barely passed my knees. The fabric itself was pretty rough and scratchy but it would have to do for the time being. As I headed downstairs I began to worry about what people would say about Snape being there because they’ve never met him before and I started to panic a little bit; I had never been a good liar and I couldn’t lie at my grandparent’s funeral, it seemed wrong so I would answer as truthfully as possible. When I got down to the bottom of the stairs I noticed that Snape was wearing muggle clothing; Snape took notice of my surprised stare and he looked at himself up and down.

“What?“ he questioned, baffled.

“I – uh nothing, its just that I’ve never seen you wear muggle clothing and I didn’t think that you would wear muggle clothing,“ I answered honestly but regretted talking because now I was ready for a big lecture ro some snappy comment to come from him.

“My father wasn’t a wizard so I am very accustomed to wearing muggle clothing,“ he answered, calmly.

“ So how are we going to get to the Funeral Home?“ I asked.

“Same way we got here,“ Snape replied, my jaw dropped and nearly hit the ground while Snape walked out the door.

“But, you can’t do that because there are muggles around,“ I argued while running to catch up to Snape. Suddenly he turned around making me stop abruptly and staring up at his grim face.

“Do you trust me?“ he asked slowly in his professor voice. My brain screamed at me to say no but my heart told me that he was my father and if my mother was smart enough to trust him then why shouldn’t I?

“Yes,“ I replied confidently, Snape once again held out his arm and I took it without hesitation this time. I felt my lungs closing in on me again and I found it hard to breathe again but like the first time, it ended almost as fast as it began and I found that were behind the church building. I saw cars pulling up in the parking lot and people pilling out of them and I prepared myself for thank yous and of course my speech…

            I walked out from behind the church with Snape close behind me, not making a sound. I stopped at the doors not ready to go in, but not ready to say my final goodbye to the two people who raised me but I knew that it had to be done sooner or later and I prefer it to be done sooner. I swallowed one last time then pushed the doors open and let people’s eyes stare right through me and I let the gossip errupt, up until Snape and I found our spots and the Preacher went up to the pulpit and started to speak.

“Today, we are gathered here to say our final goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Evan’s and with us today is their Graddaughter has prepared a speech for them, so at this we would like to ask Ms. Raven Evans to come up and give her final goodbye to those two beloved people who will be missed, Ms. Evans,“ the Preacher motioned me to come up and my breathing got faster with each step I took closer to the pulpit. I passed between each coffin, I stopped for a moment to touch their caskets then I finally moved to the pulpit.

“ Uh goodmorning everyone, in case you haven’t heard, my name is Raven Evans and my grandparents raised me when I was two years old when my um mother died,“ I paused a moment to catch my breath and calm down a moment. “The only thing I‘ll never forgive them for is dying, I know that everyone has to die at some point but I didn’t think that it would’ve this soon. There was so much that I needed to say but didn’t get to say it. There were some many questions in my life that went unanswered and they’ll never get to answer them,“ I stopped short due to sobs escaping my lips and tears rolling down my face but after a short while I reagained my poise and started talking again. “If I could just see them one more time, then I would beg them for forgiveness for all the times that they were treated horridly by me,“ I looked at their coffins then started to talk again only sobs we colliding with my words. “Grandma? Grandpa? I’m so sorry for being so mean to you when you told me the truth, I should’ve acted grateful but instead I yelled at you for keeping a secret from me!“ I cried, my head rested on the palms of my hands while I cried for a few moments before I calmed myself for my final words. “It’s funny how you don’t realize what you have until it’s riped away from you  so please, I beg you if you ever knew or cared for these people go home and tell your spouse how much you love them or go up to your children, whether they are young or old, go tell them how much you love them and if there are any children out there, do the same to your parents or grandparents because on that day when they die, you’re going to wish had said something, thank you for coming today, I know it really means a lot to them.“ I walked back to my seat and listened to the other speeches droan on about how great they were and how much they will be missed. After all the speeches had been spoken people were coming up to me giving their condolences to not only me but my Aunt Petunia and her husband Vernon. Once all the people left Aunt Petunia came up to me and gathered me in her arms and then sneered at Snape.

“Oh Raven, I know this isn’t probably the place to talk but I am curious about where you are going to live now that your only remaining family is dead besides me,“ she seemed a little nervous talking to me about living arrangements.

“Oh well I have friends in wizarding world, believe it or not,“ I eyed Vernon who seemed scared of the word ‘wizarding‘.

“And?“ she asked, urging me to finish talking.

“And, I’m pretty sure that I can stay with them over summer vacation until I can get a enough money to buy my own home and then I intend to take Harry away from you awful people,“ I responded innocently, Vernon stepped up in front of Petunia and stuck out a beefy finger in my face.

“Now you listen to me, we’ve raised Harry since he was a baby giving him everything we have,“ Vernon lied, I smacked his finger away from my face.

“Making him live under the stair case even though you have more than enough room to put him a actual bedroom and pratically making him live as your petty servant is giving him everything?“ I sneered quietly. Vernon searched for the right words to say and even opend his mouth but was stopped by Snape pushing me aside and towering over Vernon.

“Excuse me but I will not tollerate you speaking rudely to my daughter,“ Snape said quietly; Petunia gasped, putting her hands over her eyes muttering to herself, Vernon now looked terrified and backed off.

“I knew it,“ snapped Petunia. I didn’t want this conversation to happen so I left them to boast to themselves on they knew that I was Snape’s child. I stomped out of the church and breathed in the cold frisky air while I cooled off. I wanted to snap at Snape for doing that but that would’ve made me hypocrite so I thanked him instead.

“Thank you, for having my back over there,“ I said softly. “and thank you for not saying anything bad about Harry while I was talking to them and I know how you feel about him but I’m grateful that you didn’tsay anything,“ I thanked him again. “Did anything I say upset you back there?“ I asked.

“Nothing could upset me any worse than the loss I have to bear now, we’d better get back to Hogwarts,“ Snape suggested. We quickly apparated back to the house so that I could gather my things and finally say my last goodbye but before we left I heard Snape and some other man talking. I walked down the stairs and saw someone who looked like he was from the Ministry.

“What’s going on here ?“ I asked. The Ministry guy looked away from Snape and turned to me and handed me an old box. I took it from him and eyed both of the men in bewilderment. “What’s this?“ I asked.

“That is something that was left in your Grandparent’s will, it’s from your mother, Lily’s wand and usually we don’t give children their dead parent’s wand but that box hasn’t stopped making noise since the death of your mother so this actually just a test,“ the man answered; I opened the box and saw my mother’s wand laying peacfully in the box. I picked it up carefully and held it delicately in my hand; I looked over it a hundered times, memorizing every detail of it like I was never going to see it again.

“What do you want me to do with it?“ I asked.

“Well wave it around and see if it works for you, because I heard that your present wand is broken beyond repair,“ answerd he. I gripped the wand a little tighter and waved it around waiting for something to happen but nothing did so I put it back in the box and returned it to the man, disappointed that nothing had happened. The man opened it again and handed me the wand again and told me to try again but this time say a spell that I knew. I pointed at book on my Grandpa’s chair and waved it like I was taught and muttered: “Wingardium Leviousa,“ and suddenly the book flew up into the air and stayed there until I sat it back down.

“Wonderful, wonderful, well my bussiness is done here, goodnight to you both,“ the man said and suddenly, he vanished. I looked at Snape’s pained expression and scrunged my eyebrows together.

“Does it bother you that I have Lily’s wand? I can return to him if it pains you to see my mother’s wand being used,“ I insisted.

“No, it would only bother me if he gave the wand to Potter,“ he sneered. I wanted to ask him why but a feeling I had told me to wait a while. I took his arm ready to apparate back to my only home.


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