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This baby(niall horan love story)
Story published August 12, 2012 · updated January 5, 2013 · 4 pages · 438 readers · 1,535 reads
Haleigh Rowe
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Haleigh Rowe

my name is Haleigh Paige Rowe

My favorite color is green

i am 18 years old 

i am 5'61/2" pretty darn tall if you ask my friend Skylar

i am currently 7 months pregnant with my daughter Avery Sage Rowe/Horan, yes I said Horan, the one and only Niall Horan to be exact, we've been dating since the seventh grade, i found out that i was pregnant last year, two weeks after Niall left for the X-Factor, i havnt seen him since, but we keep in touch, we text all the time, we used to Skype, but i decided to stop that, since i got my baby bump, becuase i want to tell Niall in person instead of the some machine, i think it will be best that way

                                                 A/N next chapter is when the actual story starts, not just this intro crap, i'll try to update every day, and I wanna thank you sososososososososoooooo much for reading my story, I'm terribly sorry if you don't like my story, this is my first one so I'm sorry if there are alot of typos and mistakes, please keep reading and