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Love in the dojo(Kickin it Kim and Jack love story)
Story published August 14, 2012 · updated August 16, 2012 · 5 pages · 4,755 readers · 11,652 reads
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Jack's POV

What the hell is wrong with me?!!Why did I say that to Kim.I didnt even have sex with Brooke,she tried to get me to but I didnt, I hope Kim wont be to mad at me.After I said what I said she looked like she was gunna cry,I hope she didnt,I hated seeing her face like that she is way to beautiful to cry....Wait!!Am I falling for Kim??Noway Im dating Brooke.

Kim's POV

I woke up and walked to my bathroom and look in the mirror.I had dried tear on my face and my face was red.I washed my face then hoped into the shower and my thang and got out and changed into .I went back into my room and grabbed my Iphone and sent a text to Carly.
*Text Conversation*
Me-Hey Car.
Carly-Hey Kim,Wanna Come over to Jenna's house?We gunna have a party,are you in?
Me-Sure,What time?
Carly-5,but come over now so you can get ready,Jenna said you dont have to bring any clothes and that she will give you something to wear.
*End of Conversation*
I looked the clock and it was 3.Wow I slept long,I walked out of my house and Jack was standing on his porch.I rolled my eyes and start walking to Jenna's house.Once I got there Grace opened the door.Grace-Hey Kim,Come on we gotta get ready.I walked in and Jenna and Carly Dragged us up the stairs.*1 hour later* We were now wearing-(In order-Kim,Carly,Grace,Jenna).Since it was only 4 we started setting up.*1 hour later* The place was crowded with dancing teens.I was standing with Carly talking when I saw Jack come in with Brooke,who was wearing- .Carly-She looks like a total Slut.Me-Yeah.Brooke walked to the Punch bowl and Jack walked over to us.Jack-Hey Jenna....Kim.Me+Jenna-Jack.. Jack-Uhh You too look great.Us-Thanks.Brooke came over and looked me up and down and rolled her eyes.Brooke-Hey Girls.Us-Hi..Jack-I gotta go to the bathroom,brb.He left and Brooke crossed her arms and looked that me.Brooke-Listen you Blonde hoe you better leave Jack alone,He is mine.Me-I dont like Jack.Brooke-Whatever just stay away.Jack came back.Jack-So what have you been talking about?Me+Carly+Brooke-Nothing.Jack-Ok?..... Then This guy came up to us,he looked like .Boy-*To me*Hey Cutie.Me-*Giggle* Boy-Im Max,Whats ur name Beautiful ?Me-Kim.Max-Well Kim do You wanna dance?Me-Sure.We danced until the night was over and everyone had to leave,He gave me his number then had to go.I stayed and cleaned up then changed into some sweats I borrowed from Jenna and stayed the night.

Next Day:
Today I woke up and saw Carly and Jenna staring at me(Grace didn't stay).Me-Umm Hi?Jenna-Iv'e been thinking,If  you like him so much You should show him what hes missing.Me-Who are we talking about?Carly-Jack!!!Me-What?I don't like Jack!!Carly-Hun we are your best friends we can tell.Me-Ok maybe I do,Now what are you talking about?Jenna-Were gunna give you a make over before we go to school,then when your at school you flirt with that guy you were dancing with last night in front of Jack.Me-umm ok.Carly+Jenna-NOW GET UP!!I hoped out of bed and took a shower and grabbed my clothes that Jenna out for me,(in order-Carly,kim,Jenna.We put our sweatshirts in our backpacks,then ran to catch the bus.