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Another Me! *Jeff Hardy Love Story*
Story published August 14, 2012 · updated 3 months ago · 13 pages · 518 readers · 5,321 reads
Chapter 15
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Chapter 15

Jeff Hardy POV

S-she did not that, did she?

Everything and everyone seemed to have froze around me but Jess. She came over and raised my arm with hers while I continued to process what happened.

I turned to her and saw a smile, a 'proud' smile, that made me melt. She was covered with smeared face paint and sweat but instead of it being disgusting to me it

What she just did a few minutes ago backed everything up about what Hogan and Bischoff, she was another me alright. Another me that I'm attracted to.

"We won?" I asked finally breaking the trance I was in.

"Ya we won, now come on before the A-heads realize it." She stated to me before dropping down and rolling out the ring.

I followed after her backstage after taking another quick look at the two dazed members of Beer Money who where now connecting the dots together.

Once we got there we're both engulfed into a bear like hug.

"I'm proud of you lil baby, and I'm certainly surprised of you Jeffy." That all too familiar voice told us.

"Let us go Ken." Jess said struggling in the hold before he let us go.

"Oh fine." Ken said chuckling while chewing his gum.

I grunted at Ken and rolled my eyes to the side where I saw two people coming our way.

"What did I tell you Eric? She could do, she'd be fine." Hulk Hogan said smiling at Jess proudly."You did a five star performance out there baby girl."

"Thanks Hulk, I try." She responded back with that smile back on her face.

"You were right Hulk, I should have never have doubt you." Eric Bishoff said trying his best to be a kiss up.

"Well keep up the good work, I want another performance like that when you go to win those belts." He then turned his attention towards me."Not bad huh Hardy?"

"Nope." I huffed crossing my arms.

Hogan smiled proudly to himself before walking off with Bishoff at his heels.

"Why don't we go out for a drink?" Ken suggested with a big smile on his face.

"I'm in just don't baby me about my drinks and don't get yourself drunk again." My double said sternly.

"Fine." He said rolling his eyes."What about you Jeffy?"

"I guess." I responded."I'm gonna go shower, see you guys later." 

Before another word could be spoken I left the two of them alone.