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Lab rats love story 101
Story published August 15, 2012 · updated August 19, 2012 · 6 pages · 1,194 readers · 7,739 reads
chase davenport
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Chase davenport

hi im chase leonardo davenport. i am 1 of donald davenport's creations. u could call me and my siblings bionic, which we r. i was the lucky one. i got the super intelligence. but it isn't always a good thing because i also got the super senses. when i feel threatened i go into commando mode. mr. davenport calls that part spike. when in commando mode i can not control my actions. well got to go get ready for school. see u later
hey guys. this is my 2nd story ever made. um hope u guys like it. if u do please comment i need to know.