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The History Of Michael Myers.
Story published August 15, 2012 · updated December 7, 2012 · 12 pages · 8,491 readers · 12,196 reads
Chapter One: Smith
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Chapter One: Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium(1963)

Victor was at the house, sorting the papers for her to sign. He heard noises in the basement, and became nervous. He knew it was an old house, and the piping system wasn't to well. It was probably just the pipes squeaking from the water. Still he couldn't stay one more minute in that house. He dialed Elizabeth's number.

Michael was at the basement stairs, looking through the crack of the opening door. He heard people walking around his house all week. Finally, someone was alone. He listened as the man spoke. He heard the man talk about how he was selling the house, and this young girl would be moving in. His fists' clenched. He had to get rid of this man, and this girl trying to take over his home. When the man hung up, Michael made his move.

Victor was about to call a cab. He jumped as the light went out in the living room. Every part of him wanted to get out of there. But his macho side told him to change the light bulb for Elizabeth. It was the least he could do since he was selling her a haunted house. He knew there were some old light bulbs in the kitchen cabinet. He recalled seeing them as he showed his clients through the house. He took one, and warily walked into the living room, feeling his way to the lamp. Once he felt the lamp, he noticed that the bulb wasn't on tight enough. He twisted it, and the light went on.

He jumped, as he saw a man wearing a white mask standing right in front of him. He knew who this was and knew he had to get out of here. He tried to run, but was frozen still. Michael presented his knife by raising it in the air. Victor's' eyes grew wide, he tried to yell. But before he could, Michael stabbed his throat. He pulled the knife out, causing the body to fall limp on the floor with a thud.


Michael dragged the body through the sewers, he brought it all the way across town. Once it was far enough, he walked back to the house and stared into space for an hour. He heard small footsteps upstairs in the house. He walked up the stairs, and looked through the basement door. That's when he saw the intruder. He couldn't see every detail.  He watched as she put her stuff down in his house, making it her own.

He would have to get her out of here. He was about to kill her when she left. He watched her drive away. He wasn't upset that he had to wait for her to come back. Patience was his strongest trait. He waited 15 years in Smith Groves to go after Laurie, and more years to kill her. 

I sighed and got out the car and looked at my house. Today. My first day inside The "haunted" house. This is the house where the boogeyman lives. As I grabbed my laptop, my carry on bag which held all my other stuff I need for my stories and some groceries I picked up so I wouldn't be hungry. I closed the door and smiled at my broken down house. It would need some fixing to do, But I had no time to do that now, so after the book is over, I shall do so.

I walked over to the fence and opened it. It squeaked as I did. I winched at the noise, but still walked up the stairs. I heard the neighbor's whispering to themselves as they saw me walking. Some of them were annoying teenagers, so I wouldn't expect nothing the less. As I walked up the stairs, it creaked under my feet, like if it was about to collapse any second now.
I took the key and quickly opened the door, not happy with the neighborhood peoples constant stares.

I closed the door and walked over to the kitchen. I smiled as I saw that everything was new inside the house, but the outside needed more work. I put the groceries inside the fridge and some inside the cabinet. "Home sweet home." I mumbled to myself as I took my laptop and carry in upstairs into my new room.

As I walked inside the room, I saw my queen sized bed and laid down, with my laptop on my lap. I opened it and began to start writing once more.

Michael looked out at the many faces of the neighborhood as he sat in the backseat of the police car. His mother hasn't stopped crying since she seen Judith dead n the floor, covered in blood. His father couldn't bare to look his own son in the eye. His mother, was the same, all she did was cry as she saw Judith being carried outside in a body bag. Michael, didn't react at all. In his mind, he didn't really know what he did. Nor did he understand why he was in a police car and why the neighborhood was at his house.
He looked at the police officer that just came inside the car. He blinked and tilted his head to the side. The officer turned and smiled weakly at him. "We're taking you to Smith's Groves." He said to the young boy. "That'll be your new home for now, Michael."
Michael didn't react, he just turned and stared at Mrs.Blankenship as the police officer turned on the car and started to drive down the street. The only reaction Michael did was wave to her, not expecting for her to wave back, but she did, and with a smile on her face as she did so.


Dr.Loomis stared at the face of the young boy and sighed. He looked down at the notes he took just by what the police given him. He turned on the tape recorder and smiled at the young boy, trying to be nice. "So, Michael, Happy Halloween."  He started, and than coughed a little. "So, Michael, what can you tell me what happened at your house?"

Michael furrowed his brows and titled his head. He didn't understand what the old man in front of him was trying to say. He opened his mouth and replied, "Like costume and candy?" He asked, still not understanding.

Dr. Loomis sighed and shook his head. "No, about your sister. What you did to her, Michael."

"I wasn't with my sister today. I was with my babysitter, Mrs. Blankenship."

"So, you don't remember going to your house.." Dr. Loomis trailed off as he saw Michael shake his head. "Getting a knife..." He trailed again, as the young boy kept shaking his head.

"No, I didn't do that."

Dr. Loomis smiled and nod, putting his hands together after turning off the tape recorder. "Ok, Michael, you are free to go back to your room."

Michael nod, but didn't move, he just blinked and stared at the old man. "I don't want to stay here. I want to go home." He protested. 

Sighing, Loomis didn't know how to reply to the young boys request. "I'm afraid you can't go home, Michael."

"Why?" His voice cracked, but his expression stayed emotionless.

"Because, you done something horrible." Was all Dr. Loomis said before motioning one of the nurse to take the boy away.

I yawned as I wrote. I looked at the clock and gasped. How could it be 10 o'clock already. I quickly save my paragraph and closed my laptop, ready to go to sleep. I turned off the lap that was at my side and pulled the covers over me. I yawned once more before closing my eyes and going to sleep.

Michael stared at her from the shadows, his blood boiling as he watched her fall asleep. He was...devastated. How could someone just come into HIS house, make it THEIR's an just fall asleep. Obviously, she didn't know who he was, or what he's done inside this very house? How could she stay here? Other people can't even look at his house and can't get scare, how can't she be different? 

He started to walk towards her, slowly and steady, he was used to walking like this, he was barley audible. As he reached her bed, he pulled the covers off of her slowly and steady her. He raised his knife as he stared at her slow breathing. He was about to slit her throw when she turned and faced him, eyes still closed. He stopped and titled his head. Did she know he was here, or....

He watched her, still asleep, breathing slowly like before. He looked at her once before looking at her computer than stood there. He grabbed it and like before, titled his head. He didn't know how to work such thing. Opening it, he saw that on the bright screen read "The History Of Michael Myers". His eyes widen behind the mask as he read the title. She was writing a story about him?

He never will understand why she would do such thing. Putting the lap top back down where it was, he began to walk out. She needed more information about him, and once she realizes he's still alive, he will kill her before she had the chance to leave. But for now, he will have to wait.

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