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Story published August 15, 2012 · completed · 7 pages · 11,695 readers · 19,802 reads
Animal Abuse Persu
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Animal Abuse Persuasive Essay

A/N Last one. I know there not great but hey I tryed...

        Pain, torture, suffering, fear, danger. These are all of the things that abused animal feel. What would you do if you had to feel this way every second of your life? Law officials in Idaho, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississsippi, and North Dakota hardly take action against animal abuse. Animals are abused to their deaths daily. These abusers have to respect for human or animal life what so ever! They get away with such a cruel and serious crime, only facing the minimum punishments, sometimes no punishment at all. Animals have just as much of a right to live a happy abuse free life just like many of us do. Animal abusers need to face harsher consequences, before it's to late.
        When animals get abused, people usually don't care. Imagine if that animal was one of your family member, or your best friend. These abused animals need to be fought for because they have as much of a right as we do to live a happy, abuse-free life. Animal abusers need to be stopped; they have no respect for human or animal life. The most frequent form of animal abuse is torture. Animals don't deserve this! They are poor defenseless creatures who need loveand care, not pain and suffering. Animal abuse is large in the film industry. In fact, the movie "Cannibal Holocaust" is known as one of the worst cases of animal abuse, killing 6 animals during filming to make the movie seem more "realistic." Why would anybody do this ????
        Animal abuse is on the rise. Circuses are playing a huge part in animal abuse. They torture poor animals mentally and physically to "train" them. This "training" they do is one of the most cruel and unnecessary things that circuses do. The exotic animals that are used in circuses were born to roam the wild, not prance around in ugly costumes for peoples amusement. Countries such as Sweden, Costa Rica, Austria, Finland, India, and Singapore have restricted and/or banned animal use in circuses. Studies have show thatby 2022, if animal abuse is not stopped, around 22% of animal species will be extinct. Will you be the person who helps stop this crime, or one who is commiting it ?
        Did you know that animal abuser are more likely to be violent towards children, spouses, and elderly people? Researchers have found that animal cruelty or abuse is a HUGE red flag that could indicate someone is a serial killer or a rapist, or that they may become one later in life. These people must have a lot of anger and hostility in them to want to do something so cruel and heartless. Statistics have shown that most violences by children and teens done at home or in school is started with them abusing animals. I will give some examples. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the teens who commited the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School. These teens spoke of mutilating animals before they decided to take fire on there school. Luke Woodham would be another teen. He killed his mother and shot two of his classmates. Luke tortured and killed his dog by setting her on fire and describing her dying howls as a "thing of beauty." Kip Kinkel, high school shooter, blew up cows and decapitated cats before going on his shooting spree. My last example is Andrew Golden. He shot two dogs, one being his own with a .22 caliber rifle just before attacking his classmates. How could anybody do things so cruel ????
        Animal abusers still aren't facing harsh enought consequences. These people need to pay for the cruel things that they do. They have NO respect for human or animal life, as I earlier stated. Why doesn't anybody seem to care? Why do some states hardly bat an eye at animal abusers? These poor creatures deserve more than this. They deserve to live happy lives free of abuse and cruelty. But guess what? They don't get that. Their abusers get to live their lives acting as if they have done NOTHING wrong. They make it seems as thought harming poor defenseless creatures is a right of passage for everybody and should be accepted. Somebody needs to stand up and fight for abused animals before it's to late.

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