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2P! Hetalia
Story published August 15, 2012 · updated November 29, 2013 · 28 pages · 3,273 readers · 23,394 reads
2p america
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2p america


        He hoisted his bloody baseball bat onto his shoulder. He would have kicked it but that would have dirtied his shoes. So he did the only thing he could. He called for his goons. He walked away normally meanwhile his goons carried the corpse into their car. Not many believe he has a kind side. So when you discovered this, you stood aghast. But happy he only showed it to you. Yeah he would beat the crap out of anyone who dared look at you but you still loved him. And let's just say when it came to kissing he was rather rough. So when the time came for you to move, you saw him act like nothing before. He would constantly lock you into a room and you had to beg him to let you out. Sometimes he would make you take you with him to watch as he would brutally murder his victims. You hated this and so when the time came to move you gladly agreed. You bid farewell to your friends but not to Alfred ( name you should all know but if you don't it's America's human name.). Bad choice. He soon found out and the bloody corpse in the beginning was one of your closest friend. You and her were like siblings. And now that he had gotten his information he didn't need her, so he simply disposed of her. Finally upon arrival he, he unlocked the doors ( one of his techniques well in the story ) and slowly and quietly closed the door. Knowing that you were alone he strode into the kitchen finding no one, he walked to the living room, nothing. He was getting irritated and began to walk faster. he walked up the stairs and heard humming coming from the bathroom. A lustful smirk spreading on his tan face. He carefully opened the door, and stepped inside.

A/N: You can imagine the rest!