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One direction Acrostic Poem
Story published August 16, 2012 · 1 page · 1,666 readers · 2,112 reads
One direction Acro
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One direction Acrotic Poem

A is for the all the good time we never want to end
B is for band, the five best of firends
C is for carrot, Louie won our hearts
D is for dancing, zayn's nerves at the start
E is for eyes, niall's are so blue
F is for fan, the old and the new
G is for goals, they never give in
H is for harry and his cheeky grin
I is for individuals, coming together as one
J is for Judges house, the place were it all begun
K is for kids in America, their performance was grand
L is for Liam and Louie, two fifths of the band
M is for malik, Zayn's last name
N is for Niall, the one we all blame
O is for obsessiojn, or our amazing dedication
P is for perfect, a standing ovation
Q is for quiff, always in Zayn's hair
R is for rapping, French Prince of bell air
S is for single the went to number one
T is for Tomlinson, who like to have fun
U is for urchin that stung Louie in the sea
V is for video diaries and pouring cups of tea
W is for "what makes you beautiful" the first song they released
X is for X-factor, we watched as their talents increased
Y is for years to come, the tours they will do
Z is for Zayn and the one direction crew