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Vocaloid~Seven Minutes in Heaven
Story published August 16, 2012 · completed · 2 pages · 2,377 readers · 8,668 reads
Len Kagamine (Kaga
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Len Kagamine (Kagamine Len) [カガミネレン]

You pull out a banana with the words "Banana God" scribbled on it. You smiled and instantly knew who you got. Your best friend, (And crush) Len! You walk inside and sit down. Before the door shut, you see Len sit in front of you.

You poke him. He playfully bit your finger and shook his head around while growling like a dog. "Grrrr. .. .  I am the Banana God! Bow to meeee!!" Len shouted with your finger in his mouth. You laughed and pulled it out.

You grabbed one of the bananas you brought in and shoved it in his mouth. He smiled widley and started rolling around eating the banana. "That looks so gay!" You said while laughing. Len looked at you like you were crazy and crawled over you.

"Is this?" He asked with a smirk. You shook your head and he laughed.

You two sat back-to-back for a while and then Len turned and faced you. "_____?" He asked. "Yes?" You turned to face him as well.

"I wanted to tell you something. . " He said while looking away. "Yes? What is it? You can tell me anything." You say while putting your hand on his shoulder.

"Well, I-I, um,I-, uh." He choked on words. "Dammit! Forget it!" He shouted as he crashed his lips with yours. You kissed back and you two started making out.

You ran your fingers through his soft blond hair and he caressed your cheek. You felt him trying to tear off your shirt but you stopped him. "Save it, lover boy." You said with a smirk. Len blushed.

You enterlaced your fingers together and kissed. "I love you, _____." Len said with a smile as he pressed his forehead against yours. "I love you too, Len." You saw Len smile.

He ran his tongue across your bottom lip and you gave him access. you two made out until Rin opened the door. "Ugh! Go suck face somewhere else!" She shouted. "But, this is SMH (Abbreviation for Seven Minutes in Heaven), and you do it in the closet." Miku explained. 

Rin rolled her eyes as you got out. You two cuddled and for karaoke you two sung Magnet together. You kept on hearing Rin planning her "Orangey Revenge" and threw an orange at her head.
Me no own Vocaloid ^_^