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Slenderman fanfiction
Story published August 17, 2012 · updated January 13, 2013 · 6 pages · 1,947 readers · 10,191 reads
Chapter 1: the for
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Chapter 1: the forest

  I woke up in a dark forest. I had no idea where or how I came here. My brain was asking all kinds of questions. I found a flashlight near me and I turned it on, the forest became brighter. I walked to a giant rock, there was a note, 'can't run.' was written on it. I heard footsteps. They scared me, so I ran. I ran through the forest into a weird building, it had chairs in it and was like a maze, there I found another note, 'DON'T LOOK  BACK'  these notes were scaring me now. I took it and ran, I ran until I was out of breath. There I found another note, on a truck. Someone abandoned the truck with the door opened. This forest was starting to scare me. In all I found 8 notes. I heard the footsteps everywhere and I wondered if they were mine. I looked back when I had enough courage. What I saw was horrible. It was a very tall man in a suit, he had no face, he was pale. At that second I knew what it was, Slenderman. The old urban legend that was told to me a few years ago- was real, staring me in the face. He just stood there, but soon I walked over to him. "s-slender m-man?" I asked, stuttering. Slenderman 'looked' at me. He touched my forehead, lightly. But then, out of fear, I fell to the ground, and everything, faded to black.