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You Are The Heart: A Dahvie Vanity Love Story
Story published August 18, 2012 · updated February 23, 2013 · completed · 148 pages · 2,426 readers · 33,280 reads
Daddy Dahvie :D
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Daddy Dahvie :D

(Hey everyone I have a new Jayy love story out! My Not So Sorry Life : A Jayy Von Monroe Love Story Read, fave and comment since I am working so hard on that story and I think it is a good read for Jayy fans. Now let's resume the story)

Dahvie's POV

The docters gave me a soft smile. "She's perfectally fine, the labor just took a heavy strain on her heart and body as we predicted but she should be fine is she takes it easy for a week or so."  I smiled and said, "Amber's alive then!" The doctor chuckled and nodded. "Yes she's alive and is asking for her husband and baby." I took Diego from Haley and went back into her room. She was hooked up to monitors and the nurse was fluffling her pillows. "There's my little clan." Amber said with a smile. I chuckled and placed Diego in her arms. "How are you feeling?" I asked slightly worried. Amber kissed my cheek and said, "Fine, just a little exhausted and the doctors say I should be okay if I have a lot of rest." Diego yawned fell asleep.

The doctors allowed me and Amber to return home with our baby. He was so cute when he slept and he did look like a little me minus the lots of hair. Amber placed the baby in his nice warm crib and kissed his forehead. I kissed his forehead as well and we left the room. Amber looked at the calender and she gasped a bit. "We only have a few days until Christmas!" I looked and I chuckled. "Wow we will already have our first Christmas as a family." Amber nodded and smiled. "That was some delivery though...I'm not going to lie I was scared something horrible would happen." I nodded and held her close. "Everything is okay now and the doctor said you should be having lots of rest!" She chuckled and said, "And will you be sure I will have it Doctor. Dahvie?" I nodded and said, "Yes and my prescription for you is sleep my love." She smiled and kissed my lips softly. "Let me just fix a few bottles up just in case Diego wakes up and needs his bottle." I nodded and once she did that she kissed my lips and went to bed.

With Amber asleep what was I going to do so I called up Jayy and Brady and asked them to come over. They did and they brought over some pizza, yummy. "So how does it feel to be a daddy Dahvie?" Brady said with a warm smile. "It is so wonderful, I like holding my son in my arms and knowing I helped bring him into the world...its astounding you know." Jayy chuckled and said, "BOTDF isn't going to start gushing out baby songs is it?" Jayy asked as he opened the pizza box. I looked to him and raised an eyebrow. "And if I happen to write a song about my son would it matter?" "No but it isn't going to be all about the baby will it?" I chuckled as I grabbed a slice of pizza. "No we will still keep our sound, but I may do something for my little Diego." I said with a giggle.

Brady was checking his Twitter and he was grinning. "People are going gaga over the little baby Vanity." I chuckled and said, "Well of course since he is the most cutest little thing ever!" "What about Hello Kitty Dahvie?" Jayy asked with a cruel grin. I was silent for a little bit and shook my head. "Nope my son is definitely cuter. Speaking of which are you two considering having children?" Brady and Jayy looked at each other and than back at me. "Well...if we do...we will definitley adopt or if anything we might do the surrogate thing." Brady said as he turned off his phone. "Cool so if you both do that who would be the daddy?" I asked with a slight giggle. Jayy chuckled and said, "I don't know and we will think about it later since one BOTDF baby is enough for us now and we will wait until it is exactly what we both want."

I heard crying coming from Diego's room and I didn't want Amber to wake up so I went to check up on him. I brought him to the living room and Jayy and Brady just watched me. "Hey baby, what's the matter huh?" The baby just kept crying and I tried lulling back to sleep but it wasn't working. "Maybe he's hungry?" Brady suggested. Oh right, good idea. So I got a bottle from the fridge and tried feeding him, but he wouldn't drink it. "Come baby, it is really good and mommy would want you to have it." The baby fussed and I wonder why he wasn't drinking it. "Dude maybe the little tyke needs a change?" Jayy suggested. I gulped a bit and looked to Diego who was still crying and I guess that was the problem. I was sunk, I didn't know how to change a diaper, but how hard could it be right.

So I went into the baby's room and set him on the changing table. I gently removed the diaper off and that did seem to be the problem and it reeked. He stopped crying as soon as I took it off and cleaned him up a bit. After I discarded the diaper I did all the things you would do to change the diaper and hoping the little guy wouldn't pee on me. Lucky me he likes me and didn't so the changing ended up to be okay and I was actually good at this. "All better baby?" I asked in a baby tone. Diego cooed and I kissed his cheek softly before putting him back in his crib. " I smiled and returned to the living room where Jayy and Brady were. "Wow you did it." Brady said with a shocked look on his face. "Yep and no pee either!" I said with a huge grin. "Pay up love." Jayy said with a slight smirk. Brady groaned and handed him a five. My eyes widened a bit. "Hey you both made a bet!!" Jayy chuckled and said, "Hey I betted for you blame Brady for betting against you."

I decided it didn't matter and I chuckled a bit. "No worries and I'm just happy I'm being a good daddy so far." I heard Diego cry again and I groaned a bit. "Baby needs you." Jayy said. I nodded and went back to see him. "Hey baby, what up now?" He cried and I knew he didn't need a diaper change so that meant he was hungry right...yeah he is hungry and good thing Amber made a bottle since normally she would um...feed him. Anyway I took the baby with me and got out his bottle. "Alright little guy here is the bottle. Drink it up." I placed the bottle near his mouth and he started to guzzle it down. Jayy couldn't help but smile at him. "I wounder how he will turn out." Brady said. I chuckled and said, "So long as he is happy, healthy, and a really good and cool kid I don't mind what he will love or what he will do." I said as Diego drank his bottle until it was empty. "Good boy baby." I said softly. Diego giggled and it made Jayy and Brady go aw. 

Before I placed him back to sleep, I patted his back making a loud burp come out and I chuckled a bit. "You really like that milky huh." I cooed. The baby smiled and yawned softly, returningback to sleep. I went back to Jayy and Brady yet again and relaxed on the sofa. Amber came out and she looked a bit worried. "Did I hear Diego crying, does he need anything?" she asked. I shook my head and smiled. "He has been changed and fed my dear." I said as I went up to her. She smiled and kissed my lips. "Diego has a great daddy doesn't he?" I smiled and kissed back. "No he has a great family." I yawned a bit and Amber smiled. "Looks like daddy needs some sleep too." Brady and Jayy got up and they headed toward the door.

"Sleep tight man, take care of your son." Jayy said as he hugged me. "Night sis, love my favorite nephew okay." Brady said as he hugged her. "I will and you both take care of yourselves ok." They both nodded and left, leaving me and Amber to ourselves. We returned to our room and fell asleep in each other's arms. I have everything I wanted, my music, my love of my life, and now my little baby boy. Chirstmas came early this year but I can't wait until our very first Christmas as a family and it will be one of the best I thought as I drifted off to sleep.  
Put down the knife
Take back your life
Put down the knife
Take back your life

It's all inside you can change the world
So don't you dare give up on me me tonight

~You Are Yhe Heart by BOTDF

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